Research topic

Doctoral students are expected to find themselves a meaningful research topic from which they can aquire both theoretical and empirical information. Oulu Business School does not provide research topics for doctoral students. Please note that ready-made research materials are only available in exceptional cases.

When choosing the research topic, it is good to familiarise yourself with the research done by the supervisors, the strategic research focus areas of the University of Oulu as well as with other ongoing research projects at the University of Oulu.  Some helpful links can be found below.


Oulu Business School does not provide automatic funding for doctoral students. Instead, each doctoral student acquires their own funding. In some cases, it is possible to be hired for a research project or for open doctoral positions at the University of Oulu. These funding opportunities are available irregularly and are competitive.  Funding of your studies and a funding plan must be discussed with the prospective supervisor before applying for the right to study.

Please take a look at the funding opportunities on the University of Oulu Graduate School website.