EmoCha – An Emotional View to Challenging Byer-Seller Relationships

Length of project: 
9.2011 to 8.2015
Source of the funding: 
Academy of Finland
Committed funding: 
EUR 537 000
Description of project: 
The project, funded by the Academy of Finland, uncovers the state of buyer-seller relationship ending research and expands its interdisciplinary opportunities by applying Critical Realism.
Research consortium or cooperation partners: 
Prof. Virpi Havila (University of Uppsala, Sweden), Prof. Nicholas Paparoidamis and Prof. Ruben Chumpitaz (IESEG School of Management, France), Prof. Luis Araujo (Lancaster University, UK), Prof. Jaana Tähtinen, Doctoral Students Anita Virta and Anniina Salo (Oulu Business School.)
(Anticipated) results of the project: 
Scientific articles in refereed international journals, conference papers and doctoral dissertation.
Contact person: 
Professor Jaana Tähtinen (jaana.tahtinen@oulu.fi)

Last updated: 20.12.2019