Future City as Mixed Reality Open Space

Length of project: 
1.2013 to 12.2014
Source of the funding: 
Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES)
Committed funding: 
Description of project: 
There is a need for novel mixed reality services and applications that combine content and technology in a user centered way. Our research project, reaxity, approaches the challenge by focusing on a mixed reality space of future city. City environment provides a critical mass (in terms of functional operating environment and user community) for companies, organizations and users to innovate, research and develop mixed reality content, technology, services and business. reaxity is built upon existing competence and infrastructure of partner network that enables rapid progress. Our approach provides a unique, extensive and open mixed reality space that enables fast start for multidisciplinary research and development. We expect the project to be a start for larger future research programs and lead to new business opportunities with the help of participating companies. Reaxity will identify future research challenges, business opportunities and ways for users to participate in the creation of mixed reality.
Research consortium or cooperation partners: 
University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Science
(Anticipated) results of the project: 
Research publications, doctoral dissertations, new business models for industry partners
Contact person: 

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