Bright Clouds - Dark Clouds (BC-DC)

Length of project: 
5.2015 to 4.2020
Source of the funding: 
Finnish Academy Strategic Funding
Committed funding: 
Total EUR 3 182 091, Budget of OBS EUR 967 274
Description of project: 
The BC-DC project seeks to provide a research-based link between the development of variable, distributed production of energy and the recent work of Finland’s parliamentary committee on energy and climate issues, summarized in the Energy and Climate Road Map for Finland.
Research consortium or cooperation partners: 
Finnish Environment Institute, CWC, Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Helsinki, Department of Information Studies at the University of Oulu.
Contact person: 
Rauli Svento (, Maria Kopsakangas-Savolainen (

Last updated: 25.8.2016