Saara Pekkarinen to become an emerita university researcher

Oulu Business School's first emeritus/emerita university researcher Dr. Saara Pekkarinen begins her emerita periot in the beginning of June, 2018.

Dr. Saara Pekkarinen will become the first emerita university researcher at Oulu Business School, associated with Martti Ahtisaari Institute and the SHARP research group.

Her initial emerita period begins in June, 2018 and will last for two years. As the first emeritus/emerita of Oulu Business School, she will be paving a road to the further use and development of expertise gained by persons through their entire working careers.

Saara Pekkarinen is a recognized scientist, teacher and project professional in service modularization and network-based service development and deployment. The application domains that she has addressed include health care and well-being, ICT and public services, among other.

Welcome back, Saara!

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Last updated: 23.5.2018