Professor of Practise Pentti Pikkarainen, Oulu Business School

Pentti Pikkarainen appointed Professor of Practice at the Oulu Business School

Pentti Pikkarainen, PhD (Econ), has been appointed Professor of Practice at the Oulu Business School.

Pentti Pikkarainen is an expert in economics and finance. He has an extensive background from the Bank of Finland, and the Ministry of Finance. He has also been actively involved in EU cooperation in Frankfurt and Brussels, as well as in Nordic Investment Bank NIB, Sitra and the State Treasury.

Pentti Pikkarainen completed his PhD in economics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). His current interests include international monetary economics, financial markets, economic growth, public administration, and political decision-making. In addition to scientific publications, Pikkarainen has written articles, columns and blogs on economic policy.


Last updated: 31.5.2019