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Selected publications in Accounting and Finance

Booth, G. G., Junttila, J., Kallunki, J.-P., Rahiala, M. & Sahlström, P (2006). How does the financial environment affect the stock market valuation of R&D spending. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 15(2), 197–214.
Hyvönen, T. & Järvinen, J. Contract-based budgeting in health care: a study of the institutional processes of accounting change (2006). European Accounting Review, 15(1), 3–36.
Junttila, J., Kallunki, J.-P., Kärja, A. & Martikainen, M (2005). Stock market response to analysts' perceptions and earnings in a technology-intensive environment. International Review of Financial Analysis, 14(1), 77–92.
Järvinen, J (2006). Institutional pressures for adopting new cost accounting systems in Finnish hospitals: two longitudinal case studies. Financial Accountability & Management, 22(1), 21–46.
Kallunki, J.-P., Nikkinen, J., Sahlström, P. & Wichmann, K (2006). Should there exist secondary markets for executive stock options. Accounting & Finance, 46(2), 265–283.
Nikkinen, J., Sahlström, P. & Vähämaa, S. (2006). Implied volatility linkages among major European currencies. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 16(2), 87–103.
Nikkinen, J., Sahlström, P. & Aijö, J. (2007). Turn-of-the-month and intramonth effects: explanation from the important macroeconomic news announcements. Journal of Futures Markets, 27(2), 105–126.
Kallunki, J. P., Sahlström, P. & Zerni, M. (2007). Propensity to Switch Auditors and Strictness of Legal Liability Environment: The Role of Audit Mispricing. International Journal of Auditing, 11(3), 165–185.
Moilanen, S. (2007). Knowledge translation in management accounting and control: a case study of a multinational firm in transitional economies. European Accounting Review, 16(4), 757–789.
Vieru, M. (2006). Use of different trading environments around interim earnings announcements on the Helsinki stock exchange. Multinational Finance Journal, 7(3–4), 131–152.
Vieru, M., Perttunen, J. & Schadewitz, H. (2006). How investors trade around interim earnings announcements. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 33(1–2), 145–178


Selected publications in Economics

Booth, G. G., Junttila, J., Kallunki J-P, Rahiala, M. & Sahlström, P. (2006). How does the financial environment affect the stock market valuation of R&D spending? Journal of Financial intermediation, 15(2), 197–214.
Junttila, J. (2001). Testing an augmented Fisher hypothesis for a small open economy: the case of Finland. Journal of Macroeconomics, 23(4), 577–599.
Junttila, J. (2007). Forecasting the macroeconomy with contemporaneous financial market information: Europe and the Unites States. Review of Financial Economics, 16, 149–175.
Juutinen, A., Mäntymaa, E., Mönkkönen, M. & Salmi, J. (2004). Cost-efficient approach to selecting forest stands for conserving species: a case study from Northern Fennoscandia. Forest Science, 50(4), 527–539.
Juutinen, A., Mäntymaa, E., Mönkkönen, M. & Svento, R. (2008). Voluntary agreements in protecting privately owned forests in Finland – to buy or to lease? Forest Policy and Economics, 10, 230–239.
Juutinen, A. & Mönkkönen, M. (2007). Alternative targets and economic efficiency of selecting protected areas for biodiversity conservation in Boreal forests. Environmental & Resource Economics, 37, 713–732.
Koivumäki, T., Svento, R., Perttunen, J. & Oinas-Kukkonen H. (2002). Consumer choice behaviour and electronic shopping system – a theoretical note. Netnomics, 4, 131–144.
Koivumäki, T., Svento, R., (2007). Development of Strategic Business Network for Local Travel Industry. Journal of Services Technology and Management, 8, 207-223.
Kopsakangas-Savolainen, M. & Svento, R. (2008). Estimation of cost-effectiveness of the Finnish electricity distribution utilities. Energy Economics, 30, 212–229.
Koskela, E., Ollikainen, M. & Puhakka, M. (2002). Renewable resources in an overlapping generations economy without capital. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 43, 497–517.
Koskela, E. & Puhakka, M. (2006). Indeterminacy and stabilization of endogenous cycles with balanced-budget distortionary taxation. FinanzArchiv, 62, 149–167.
Koskela, E. & Puhakka, M. (2007). Stone-Geary preferences in overlapping generations economies under pure exchange: A note. Journal of Macroeconomics, 29, 976–982.
McCann, P. & Simonen, J. (2005). Innovation, knowledge spillovers and local labour markets. Regional Science, 84(3), 465–486.
Simonen, J. & McCann, P. (2007). Innovation, Co-Operation, and Labour Mobility, in Arauzo, J-M. and Manjon, M. (eds.) Entrepreneurship, Industrial Location and Economic Growth. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK.
Simonen, J. & McCann, P. (2007). Innovation, R&D Cooperation, and the Geography of Regional Labor Acquisition, in T. Asada and T. Ishikawa (eds.) Time and Space in Economics, Springer, Tokyo, Japan.


Selected publications in Management

Calas, M., Jack, G., Nkomo, S. & Peltonen, T. (2008). International management and critique: an uneasy relation? Academy of Management Review, 33(4), (forthcoming).
Heikkinen, M. (2005). Diversity in organizations – characteristics and trends in diversity research (Monimuotoisuus organisaatioissa - monimuotoisuustutkimuksen pääpiirteitä ja kehityslinjoja). (Administrative Studies) Hallinnon Tutkimus, 24(1), 3–13.
Henriksson, L., Peltonen, T. & Alajoutsijärvi, K. (2007). The introduction of performance appraisal in universities: a case study of cultural logics in an academic work community. (Kehityskeskustelujen lanseeraaminen yliopistoissa: tapaustutkimus kulttuurisista logiikoista akateemisessa työyhteisössä). Administrative Studies. (Hallinnon Tutkimus), 27(4), 30–43.
Kelemen, M. & Peltonen, T. (2005). Spirituality – a way to an alternative subjectivity in organizations? Organization Management Journal, 2(1), 52–63.
Mainela, T. & Puhakka, V. (2008). Embeddedness and Networking as Drivers of IJV-Development. Scandinavian Journal of Management (forthcoming).
Peltonen, T. & Tikkanen, H. (2005). Productive power, organized markets and actor-network theory. In: Czarniawska, B. & Hernes, T. (eds.) Actor-Network Theory and Organizing. Copenhagen: Liber Press, 268–84.
Peltonen, T. (2006). The "newcomer" MNC and the reorganization of local industrial relations actor network: the case of the Finnish food-retailing sector. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 17, 1590–1604.
Peltonen, T. (2006). Frequent flyer: speed and mobility as effects of organizing. In: Case, P., Lilley, S. and Owens, T. (eds.) The speed of organization. Copenhagen: Liber Press. (Advances in Organization Studies Series), 70–87.
Peltonen, T. (2006). Critical Theoretical Perspectives on International Human Resource Management. In: Björkman, I, & Stuehl, G. (eds.) Handbook of International Human Resource Management Research. Edward Elgar Publishing, 523–35.
Peltonen, T. (2007). In the middle of the managers: occupational communities, ethnography and the multinational corporation. Ethnography, 8(3): 347–361.
Puhakka, V. (2007). Effects of Opportunity Discovery Strategies of Entrepreneurs on Performance of New Ventures. Journal of Entrepreneurship, 16(1), 19–51.
Puhakka, V. (2007). Entrepreneurial creativity as recognition and exploitation of business opportunities (in Finnish). (Yrittäjämäinen luovuus liiketoimintamahdollisuuksien havaitsemisena ja hyödyntämisenä.) Administrative Studies (Hallinnon Tutkimus), 3, 60–77.
Puhakka, V. (2007). Effects of Opportunity Discovery Strategies of Entrepreneurs on Performance of New Ventures. Journal of Entrepreneurship, 16(1), 19–51.
Puhakka, V. (2007). Entrepreneurial creativity as recognition and exploitation of business opportunities (in Finnish). (Yrittäjämäinen luovuus liiketoimintamahdollisuuksien havaitsemisena ja hyödyntämisenä.) Administrative Studies (Hallinnon Tutkimus), 3, 60–77.
Saari, V. (2006). The meaning of virtual teams: an empirical study of the reception of a new form of working. (Virtuaalitiimin merkitys jäsenen näkökulmasta: empiirinen tutkimus uuden työskentelymuodon vastaanotosta) (Administrative Studies) Hallinnon Tutkimus, 25(1), 30–46.
Tornikoski, E. & Puhakka, V. (2008). Exploring Firm Emergence: Initially Conditioned or Actively Created? International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, (forthcoming).


Selected Publications in Marketing

Alajoutsijärvi, K., Holma, H., Nyberg, K. & Tikkanen, H. (2005) Cyclicality in the Finnish and Swedish sawmill industry, 1970-2000. Scandinavian Economic History Review, 53(1), 66–90.
Heikkinen, M., Mainela, T., Still, J. & Tähtinen, J. (2007) Roles for managing in mobile service development nets. Industrial Marketing Management, 36(7), 909–925.
Heikkinen, M. T. & Tähtinen, J. (2006) Managed formation process of R&D networks International Journal of Innovation Management, 10(3), 271–298.
Hurmelinna, P., Kyläheiko, K. & Jauhiainen, T. (2007) The Janus face of the appropriability regime in the protection of innovations: Theoretical re-appraisal and empirical analysis. Technovation, 27(3), 133–144.
Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, P. & Puumalainen, K. (2007). The nature and dynamics of appropriability – strategies for appropriating returns on innovation. R&D Management, 37(2), 95–112.
Karjaluoto, H., Standing, C., Becker, M. & Leppäniemi, M. (2008) Factors affecting Finnish consumers' intention to receive SMS marketing: a conceptual model and an empirical study. International Journal of Electronic Business, 6(1), in press.
Kesti, M., Ristola, A., Karjaluoto, H. & Koivumäki, T. (2004) Tracking consumer intentions to use mobile services: empirical evidence from a field trial in Finland. E-business Review, 4, 76–80.
Koivumäki, T. (2002) Consumer attitudes and mobile travel portal. Electronic Markets, 12(1), 47–57.
Koivumäki, T., Ristola, A. & Kesti, M. (2006) Predicting consumer acceptance in mobile services: empirical evidence from an experimental end user environment. International Journal of Mobile Communications, 4(4), 418–435.
Komulainen, H., Mainela, T., Tähtinen, J. & Ulkuniemi, P. (2007) Retailers' different value perceptions of mobile advertising service. International Journal of Service Industry Management, 18(4), 368–393.
Mainela, T. (2007). Types and functions of social relationships in organizing international joint ventures. Industrial Marketing Management, 36(1), 87–98.
Merisavo, M., Kajalo, S., Karjaluoto, H., Virtanen, V., Salmenkivi, S., Raulas, M. & Leppäniemi, M. (2007). An empirical study of the drivers of consumer acceptance of mobile advertising. Journal of Interactive Advertising, 7(2), 13 pgs, available at:
Nätti, S., Halinen, A. & Hanttu, N. (2006) Customer knowledge transfer and key account management in professional service organizations. International Journal of Service Industry Management, 17(4), 304–319.
Nätti, S. & Still, J. (2007). The influence of internal knowledge transfer on customer perceived value in professional service relationships. The Service Industries Journal, 27(7), 893–905.
Salo, J. (2007). Business relationships redesign with electronic commerce tools: An empirical investigation. Business Process Management Journal, 13(4), 488–502.
Salo, J. & Karjaluoto, H. (2007). A conceptual model of trust in the online environment. Online Information Review, 31(5), 604–621.
Sinisalo, J., Salo, J., Karjaluoto, H. & Leppäniemi, M. (2007). Mobile customer relationship management – underlying issues and challenges. Business Process Management Journal, 13(6), 771.
Tähtinen, J., Blois, K. & Mittilä, T. (2007) How the features of business relationships influence their endings. Journal of Business Market Management, 1(3), 231–247.
Ulkuniemi, P. & Pekkarinen, S. (2005) Managing competitive software component supplier relationships. Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management, 11, 97–106.


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