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OBS Research Seminars

Research seminars in Oulu Business School are open for all researchers, both to doctoral students and post-docs as well as to visiting scholars. You are welcome to present your research ideas, plans, research project plans, manuscripts for conference papers or journal articles or parts of your thesis. Presentations of papers in all areas of business are encouraged. All faculty members are most welcome to attend the seminars.

The seminars in the program of accounting, economics and finance are typically organized on Wednesdays at 12:15-14 and the seminar in the program of marketing and management & international business on Thursdays at 9:00-10. All OBS research seminars are organized in TA115 at Oulu Business School if not stated otherwise.

Disciplines: accounting, economics, finance

Autumn 2020

Thursday 29.10. at 14:00, Meerab Anil Sohail (Accounting): "Stock price sensitivity and discretionary accruals effect on audit fee"

Friday 9.10. at 12:00 (TA115), Blessing Oyinlola (Accounting): "Corporate governance and audit quality: Empirical evidence from developed and developing countries"

Friday 18.9. at 12:15 (TA115), Prof. Elias Rantapuska (Aalto University School of Business, Department of Finance): “Mutual Fund and Share Ownership in Finland: Trends and Patterns”

Disciplines: marketing, management & international business

Spring 2021

Thursday 4.2. at 09:30 – 10:30 in Teams. Kaisa Vaviolahti: Open strategy and power in national social welfare and healthcare reform


Past seminars 

Disciplines: accounting, economics, finance

Spring 2020

Wed 6.5. at 13:15 (TA335), Prof. Erik Strauss (University of Witten/Herdecke): "Creating winners: control and emotion in the smart product strategy of an insurance company"; CANCELLED, new date will be announced later

Tue 24.3. at 9:15 (TA335), Jenni Jääskö (Accounting): Auditors’ Client Portfolio Composition and Earnings Quality; CANCELLED, new date will be announced later

Thu 27.2. at 15:00 (TA115), Prof. Markku Kaustia (Aalto University School of Business, Department of Finance): Learning without Trading 

Fri 31.1. at 13:00 (TA335), Elias Oikarinen

Wed 29.1. at 12:00 (TA115), Prof. Seppo Ikäheimo (Aalto University School of Business, Department of Accounting).

Mon 13.1. at 12:15 (TA115), Ly Pham (Aalto University School of Business, Department of Accounting): The Effect of Financial Fair Play Regulation on European Football Club's Salary Spending and Sporting Success. 

Autumn 2019

Mon 9.12. at 10:15 (TA335), Assistant Professor Henry Jarva (Aalto University School of Business, Department of Accounting): Has financial reporting quality converged under IFRS? International differences in conditional conservatism.

Fri 15.11. at 12:30 (SÄ118), Erkki Liikanen, Chair of Trustees of the IFRS Foundation gives a presentation on recent themes in IFRS -regulation.

Tue 12.11. at 12:15 (TA 335), Dr. Anna Rossi (Accounting), Wage dispersion, task complexity and accounting profitability: Evidence from Finland.

Tue 1.10. at 12-14 (BF119-1), Associate professor Gillian Vesty (School of Accounting, RMIT University, Australia) : "Serious games, digital innovations and accounting for patient care".

Spring 2019

Wed 12.6. at 10:15-12 (TA115), Dr. Sanna Huikari (economics): "Austerity and mental health: An economic analysis".

Wed 17.4. at 10:15-12 (TA115), Jenni Jääskö (accounting): Client portfolio composition and audit quality: An Individual Auditor Level Analysis.

Wed 10.4. at 12:15-14 (TA115), Janne Lehto (economics), Optimal admission system under public vs. private education financing.

Thu 4.4. at 10:15-12 (PR104), Prof. Nicholas Bollen (Frank K. Houston Professor of Finance, Vanderbilt University https://business.vanderbilt.edu/bio/nicolas-bollen/)

Wed 13.3. at 10:15-12 (TA116), Van Tran (accounting): How organizational structure and superior-manager relationship influence managers' perceived procedural justice on subjective performance evaluation.  

Tue 19.2. at 12:15-14 (TA115), Bianca Beyer (accounting): Paywatch - Directors' skin in the game and executive compensation.

Autumn 2018

Wed 12.12. at 10:15-12 (TA115), Enni Ruokamo (economics): Determinants of solar power system adoption.

Thu 8.11. at 10:15-12 (TA115), Prof. Gilad Livne (accounting) from Exeter Business School: Does the Audit Committee Influence Audit Effort? Evidence from Materiality and Audit Risk Areas.

Tue 2.10. at 10:15-12 (TA101), Prof. Russell Wermers (finance): The Hedge fund industry is much larger than you think. 

Fri 28.9. at 10:15-12 (TA115), Dr. Anna Rossi (accounting): Equity issuance motives and insider trading.


Disciplines: marketing, management & international business

Autumn 2019

Fri 27.9. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Timo Pohjosenperä, (presenting a thesis manuscript): Healthcare logistics services - Value co-creation dynamics and characteristics in hospital and sparsely populated area.

Thu 10.10. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Tero Huhtala, (presenting doctoral thesis manuscript): Data-based value creation in an emerging service deliverty network in preventive healthcare.

Spring 2019

Thu 13.6. at 9:00-10 (TA115), visitor Nour Alrabie from Toulouse School of Management. (More detailed information later).

Thu 23.5. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Jialei Yang (research proposal): Dynamics in collaboration for appropriating value in multi-stakeholder networks and healthcare ecosystems.

Thu 2.5. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Kaisu Jansson (research proposal): Organizational hybridity in health care: a systems theoretical perspective. 

Thu 18.4. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Yueqiang Xu: Business model opened? The value configuration of future smart energy. 

Thu 11.4. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Dr Aleksandra Hauke-Lopes (Poznan University): Conflicts, psychic distance and value creation in Polish companies' foreign business relationships in the internationalization process - research results.

Thu 4.4. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Kaisa Vaviolahti: The Social Welfare and Healthcare Reform and Strategy Discourses: Private Healthcare Service Providers’ Influence Pursuits Through Media. Research proposal.

Thu 21.3. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Jaakko Okkonen: Verkostot. Research proposal.

Thu 14.3. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Sari Sarome-Nykänen: Corporation Metamorphosis through network changing agents. The Case of: Outsourcing and Automation.

Thu 14.2. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Timo Pohjosenperä: Value co-creation in healthcare logistics.

Fri 18.1. at 9:00-10 (PR101), Prof. Marko Torkkeli: How to Publish in Academic Journals: "Experiences and suggestions".

Autumn 2018

Fri 14.12. at 10:15-11:15 (TA115) Umarlebbe Abdul Mahir, presenting doctoral research proposal: Evolution of service ecosystem: An institutional view.

Thu 13.12. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Hannu Torvinen (marketing), presenting a thesis manuscript: It takes three to tango: End-user engagement within innovative public procurement.

Thu 15.11. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Ruey Komulainen (marketing): 'Click On Me': Banner Advertisements Effectiveness in Mobile Games.

Thu 18.10. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Laura Kemppainen (marketing): Drivers for business model innovation: Personal data platform operators context.

Fri 5.10. at 9:00-10 (TA105), Bibi Akram Hatami Boroun (management & international business): Other-oriented business ethics: A flexible way for ethical decision making in uncertainty.

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