OBS Research Seminars

Research seminars in Oulu Business School are open for all researchers, both to doctoral students and post-docs as well as to visiting scholars. You are welcome to present your research ideas, plans, research project plans, manuscripts for conference papers or journal articles or parts of your thesis. Presentations of papers in all areas of business are encouraged. All faculty members are most welcome to attend the seminars.

The seminars in the program of accounting, economics and finance are typically organized on Wednesdays at 12:15-14 and the seminar in the program of marketing and management & international business on Thursdays at 9:00-10. All OBS research seminars are organized in TA115 at Oulu Business School.

Program: accounting, economics, finance

Autumn 2018

Fri 28.9. at 10:15-12 (TA115), Dr. Anna Rossi (accounting): Equity issuance motives and insider trading. 

Tue 2.10. at 10:15-12 (TA101), Prof. Russell Wermers (finance): The Hedge fund industry is much larger than you think. 

Thu 8.11. at 10:15-12 (TA115), Prof. Gilad Livne (accounting) from Exeter Business School: Does the Audit Committee Influence Audit Effort? Evidence from Materiality and Audit Risk Areas.

Wed 12.12. at 10:15-12 (TA115), Enni Ruokamo (economics): Determinants of solar power system adoption.


Program: marketing, management & international business

Autumn 2018

Fri 5.10. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Bibi Akram Hatami Boroun (management & international business): Other-oriented business ethics: A flexible way for ethical decision making in uncertainty.

Thu 18.10. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Laura Kemppainen (marketing): Drivers for business model innovation: Personal data platform operators context.

Thu 15.11. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Ruey Komulainen (marketing): 'Click On Me': Banner Advertisements Effectiveness in Mobile Games.

Thu 13.12. at 9:00-10 (TA115), Hannu Torvinen (marketing), presenting a thesis manuscript: It takes three to tango: End-user engagement within innovative public procurement.

Fri 14.12. at 10:15-11:15 (TA115) Umarlebbe Abdul Mahir, presenting doctoral research proposal: Evolution of service ecosystem: An institutional view.


Last updated: 5.12.2018