Yuzhang, China, Full-time MBA graduate 2011

After I completed my bachelor's degree of International Business and a minor in Marketing Management in south of Finland, I wanted to deepen my knowledge and acquire more relevant professional theoretical perspective to my major.

The reason why I chose to continue my studies in Oulu Business School is not only because Oulu University is ranked on the list of World Top 500 Universities but also the reputation of Oulu Business School, thanks to former President and awarded Nobel Peace Prize winner Martti Ahtisaari's Institute of Global Business and Economics in Oulu Business School.

I think MBA programme teaches me to adroitly diagnose and weigh various problems what enterprises are facing in global practice. I was quite busy in my first year, but still I enjoyed it. For me group works were the most beneficial. I truly learnt a lot by doing projects in groups.

My first impression of Oulu was that it's absolutely beautiful city in northern Finland. The public transportations are very convenient and using bikes for transportation are also quite popular in Oulu. The local people are friendly, very honest, quiet and generally well educated. It's easy to make friends in Oulu if you are initiative enough.

I am honored to be a student in the MBA programme in Oulu Business School and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested!


Last updated: 27.11.2013