Sightseeings, Venue and Accommodation

Venue of the Summer School

The venues of the workshop are Saalastinsaali and Tellus Innovation area located in the main University campus in Linnanmaa. The main campus building is a large complex, where all parts are connected. From the northern end to the southern end runs Väylä, the interior street. Faculties of Technology, Science, Humanities, Education, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, and Oulu Business School, as well as the major lecture halls, restaurants, and other services are located on both sides of the street.


Saalastinsali - one of the School sites.


University of Oulu is located 5 km from the city centre (Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, 90014 Oulu). You can easily get there by buses No. 1, 2, 3, 8 in 10-15 min right from the city centre. The bus stop at the University to get off is Yiliopisto P.


Please find the maps on the bottom of this page, the most interesting and relevant spots are marked.


Climate in Oulu

The daytime temperature of Oulu in June is usually between +10 and +20 'C, and the weather is mostly sunny. However, please keep in mind that it may rain. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check weather forecasts before you pack, or bring warm clothes and an umbrella with you. The sun in June rises at 3.50 am and sets at 10.42 pm, so be prepared for plenty of daylight and fun!


How to get to Oulu

The easiest way to reach Oulu is by flight within just 1 hour from Helsinki (the capital of Finland) - there are several daily flightsoperated by Finnair and Norwegian airlines. An alternative route is by train or bus from Helsinki, which takes about 6 hours.

The Oulu airport is located about 20 km away from the city centre. You can arrive to the city center within 30 min by buses No. 8 and 9, one-way ticket costs 5.8 euro. Please be sure you have enough cash, because it’s impossible to purchase tickets from a driver by credit card.

Online bus schedule is available here.

Alternatively, taxi from the airport to the city centre (or vise versa) costs 35-40 euros and takes about 20 min.

An open-access free of charge wireless network, panOULU, is available in the city centre, libraries, city offices, Oulu Airport and University of Oulu. All what you need is a terminal with a WLAN access point.



Hotels and accommodation (click on the hotel name)


Forenom Aparthotel Oulu


Uusikatu 26, Oulu city center


  • Single room - 55 euros/night
  • Double room - 66 euros/night
  • Breakfast included


Oulu Hotelli Apartments

Asemakatu 41, Oulu city center


  • Single room - 79 euros/night
  • Double room - 188 euros/night
  • Breakfast included


Best Western Hotel Apollo

Asemakatu 31-33, Oulu city center


  • Single room - 85 euros/night
  • Double room - 94 euros/night
  • Breakfast included


Radisson Blu Hotel Oulu

Hallituskatu 1, Oulu city center


  • Single room - 93 euros/night
  • Double room - 100  euros/night
  • Breakfast included


Sokos Hotel Arina Oulu 

Pakkahuoneenkatu 16, Oulu city center


  • Single room - 115 euros/night
  • Double room - 135 euros/night
  • Breakfast and free access to the sauna and gym included


Cumulus City Oulu 

Kajaaninkatu 17, Oulu city center


  • Single room - 117 euros/night
  • Double room - 121 euros/night
  • Breakfast included


Scandic Oulu

Saaristonkatu 4, Oulu city center


  • Single room - 124 euros/night
  • Double room - 108 euros/night
  • Breakfast included


    Lapland Hotels Oulu 

    Kirkkokatu 3, Oulu city center


    • Single room - 135 euros/night
    • Double room - 135 euros/night
    • Breakfast included


      Also you can find accomodation through Airbnb or Couch surfing.


      Entertainment and sightseeings in Oulu


      The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum Especially mini-Oulu 1939 and dog-dolls showing traditional way of living in Finland, and is based on famous children books.

      Turkansaari island museum shows how tar was made and transported. It is about 10 km from Oulu towards Kajaani.

      Stone age village Kierikki close to Yli-ii town; some 50 km from Oulu.

      Arctic Zoo at Ranua shows Finnish wild animals and polar bears (we don’t have them, believe or not). You can eat at their restaurant at the entrance or even make sausages by fire in the zoo’s fire place that is very popular among Finns. Buy your sausages from a shop (Ranua or Oulu) before entering the zoo.

      Artic Circle Village just north of Rovaniemi is 230 km from Oulu. Santa Claus is there and you can take a picture with him and express your Christmas wish list directly to him.


      Finland has the largest number of saunas per capita and the quality and experience in its sauna are considered world's best. So be prepared to go and enjoy the sauna in your hotel at night, which will relax your body and give you a high-quality sleep. Try Floating sauna in the Oulu river! It starts working from 1st of June.

      The floating sauna on the river.



      Specialities to buy in Oulu/Finland

      • Reindeer meet (smoke dried) from the city’s market hall
      • Local wool sweaters, either fishermen or “luotolainen” models
      • Different knives ('puukkko' in Finnish), with handle wholly or partially made of reindeer bones
      • Kuksa, very famous wooden (coffee) drinking mug. Many outdoor people have this for their coffee-beside-campfire moments
      • Kalevala jewellery, a Finnish brand inspired by jewel founds from Middles Age graves
      • Salty liquorice candies, e.g., Turkish peber ('turkin pippuri'). Or Karl Fazer chocolate, if you want to be on safe side on taste: the “blue” is all time favorite.  Salty liquorice schnapps, has to be bought in ALKO, the original and only allowed alcohol store in Finland.




      Campus map

      General Map

      City centre map