ReSoLVE - Centre of Excellence

ReSoLVE - Centre of Excellence in Research on Solar Long-term Variability and Effects


Team leaders:

  • HELIOS team, Professor Kalevi Mursula, University of Oulu
  • ENERGETIC team, Doctor Timo Asikainen, University of Oulu
  • DYNAMO team, Docent Maarit Mantere, Aalto University
  • MAGNETIC team, Professor Eija Tanskanen, Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • COSMIC team , Professor Ilya Usoskin, Sodankyl√§ Geophysical Observatory

ReSoLVE Centre of Excellence is an integrated research consortium of three research teams located in Oulu and two in Helsinki. ReSoLVE studies the long-term (centennial) magnetic evolution of the Sun, which depicts a dramatic increase in the 20th century and a recent rapid decline, and the effects of this variability to the space around the Sun and to the near-Earth environment, focusing on the long-term evolution of solar poloidal magnetic fields and their role in varying the level of electromagnetic disturbances and the flux of energetic particles in the near-Earth space.

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Last updated: 27.9.2016