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2.7.2020 News

Printed flexible electronics – one step closer to smart clothing

The researchers of the University of Oulu, together with their partners from VTT Research Center and Polar Electro, developed a new system of electrodes that can be implemented into our clothing and withstand our daily routines.

22.4.2020 News

New electronics through new materials

At the University of Oulu, two research infrastructures are making new headway in fundamental research which will have far-reaching consequences for future systems and communication technologies. These two projects - PII, Printed Intelligence Infrastructure and FUWIRI, Research Infrastructure for Future Wireless Communications - received major funding totalling 3,1 million euros from the Academy of Finland in the previous funding round.

7.2.2020 News

d33 PiezoMeter PM300 system at Tampere Universty

As part of the Printed intelligence Infrastructur a new PiezoMeter PM300 have been installed at Tampere University.

5.12.2019 News

Professor Tapio Fabritius is the deputy head of the Printed Intelligence Infrastructure

Prof. Tapio Fabritius is acting as the deputy head of Printed Intelligence Infrastructure.

16.10.2019 News

Quantum dots technology to revolutionize healthcare and sensing technology: see what’s invisible

Researchers of the Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques Unit (OPEM) at the University of Oulu have invented a new method of producing ultra-sensitive hyper-spectral photodetectors. At the heart of the discovery are colloidal quantum dots, developed together with the researchers at the University of Toronto, Canada. Quantum dots are tiny particles of 15-150 atoms of semiconducting material that have extraordinary optical and electrical properties due to quantum mechanics phenomena. By controlling the size of the dots, the researchers are able to finetune how they react to different light colors (light wavelengths), especially those invisible for the human eye, namely the infrared spectrum.

21.8.2019 News

Zetasizer Nano ZSP system

The Zetasizer Nano ZSP is used for the measurement of protein size, electrophoretic mobility of proteins, zeta potential of nanoparticles and surfaces, and optionally the microrheology of protein a

21.8.2019 News

Screen and Stencil Printer

A new XH STS Stencil and screen printing system has been installed into the Microelectronics Research Unit. The Printing system is developed for printing substrates in thick film applications.

21.8.2019 News

New Inductive heating unit arrived!

The Printed Intelligence Infrastructure at the University of Oulu has been complemented by Microprosessor controlled inductive heating unit (CEIA PowerCube 32/900) suitable for non-contact heating

18.6.2019 News

Innovation award for women goes to professor Heli Jantunen

Paula Risikko, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, has given the innovation award for women to professor Heli Jantunen for inventing a low-temperature method for producing ceramic components. Jantunen works at the University of Oulu. The prize is worth EUR 110,000.