d33 PiezoMeter PM300 system at Tampere Universty

As part of the Printed intelligence Infrastructur a new PiezoMeter PM300 have been installed at Tampere University. Piezotest PM300 is meant for characterization of the piezoelectric sensor sensitivity through the measurement of d-coefficients (i.e. d33, d15 and d31 for parallel plate capacitor structures). The measurement range is 0.01 pC/N to 10000 pC/N. The device also enables simultaneous measurement of the dielectric loss tangent and sample capacitance. The device has adjustable static force, dynamic excitation force (0.05 to 0.5 N) and frequency (30 to 300 Hz). PiezoMeter systems can handle piezo ceramics, piezo polymers and piezo films, whether free-standing or mounted on Silicon or other substrates, as well as composite materials and devices.

Last updated: 7.2.2020