Printed Intelligence Infrastructure is unique alliance between University of Oulu, Tampere University and VTT.

University of Oulu – Microelectronics Research Unit
Microelectronics Research Unit is part of the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. Our research is focused electronics materials and their applications. The research facilities of the units can roughly be divided into materials synthesis, fabrication and other facilities. Synthesis facilities is performed in our chemistry laboratory (nano/macro materials, composites), fabrication covers ink and paste formulations and screen/gravure/inkjet printers and other wide variety of characterization tools. The characterization tools include full setup of equipment for piezoelectric poling, optical and electrical (frequency up to 67 GHz) characterization, reliability testing and multiphysic modelling of devices. 


University of Oulu – Optoelectronics and Measurement techniques Research Unit
The unit is doing research and development in electronics and optoelectronics-based technologies covering the whole path from the component manufacturing to the system integration. Research is especially focused on additive manufacturing, instrumentation and measurement techniques for (bio-)medical and industrial applications.

Tampere University – Laboratory of Future Electronics
LFE investigates technologies and solutions related to energy-autonomy (storage and harvesting), sensors, conformably wearable electronics (soft/stretchable, on-skin, textile), and hybrid system integration. 
Strong emphasis is placed on scalable, low-cost manufacturing methods such as printing as well as the integration of printed components and circuits with more conventional component assembly methods.
LFE explores new device and circuit approaches based on printable organic and metal oxide semiconductors.

VTT – Printed and hybrid manufacturing services
Create products that have the potential to disrupt existing value chains and markets. VTT application-oriented R&D services leverage disruptive advances in material technology and related processing methods. Customers of VTT Printed Intelligence benefit from our unique offering, which combines pilot-scale R&D services and supporting intellectual property rights to help exploit the exciting new business opportunities that our technologies help to create. Our offering makes use of VTT’s multi-technological knowhow and unique roll-to-roll pilot-scale manufacturing capabilities. Our expertise covers a wide range of printed intelligence technologies, from material formulation and process development to pilot-scale roll-to-roll production of individual components and integrated systems.  VTT's enabling technologies in the field of printed functional devices help our customers commercialise intelligent packaging, point-of-care testing and well-being monitoring products. For realising these applications, we use high-volume technologies such as microfluidics, functionalised paper and printed indicators.


Last updated: 5.12.2019