About us

Population and Statistical Genomics is research consortium (RC) at the University of Oulu. We share an interest in population genomics in different fields of research, we all aim at efficient statistical analysis of our population level data, in different areas of research (see below). We participate in organizing joint seminars and provide training opportunities for our doctoral students. In the recent Research Assessment Exercise of the University of Oulu our consortium was ranked at the highest level (A), to hold this status until the next evaluation (until 2019) along with some university allocated funding for our activities.

The  RC consists of five different research groups, dealing with genomics of adaptation of plant populations (PI Outi Savolainen), with conservation genetics of especially large carnivores (Jouni Aspi), of statistical genomics, especially variable selection methods (Mikko Sillanpää), insect systematics and evolutionary genetics,  especially of Lepidoptera and social insects (Marko Mutanen) and human cancer  functional genomics (Gonghong Wei).

Last updated: 11.2.2015