Each group has its own collaborative network. The plant geneticists work actively in the EU-integrative project Promoting Conifer Genomic Resources, a very important source of sharing development of genomic resources, and funding (2012-2015), including e.g. the Spanish Agriculture Research Instititue INIA, Universities of Umeå and Uppsala and Wageningen and British Columbia. Important research and doctoral collaborations are also ongoing with the Uppsala University (Martin Lascoux/Ulf Lagercrantz) and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (David Remington).

The statistics group is involved in EU COST TD0801: Statistical challenges on the 1000€ genome sequences in plants, to use and/or develop efficient statistical and bioinformatics tools and strategies in order to produce, assemble, analyze, and integrate high-throughput genomic sequence data. The group has collaboration with Group of Prof. J Leon in Germany, group of Prof. R. Garcia-Cortes and Jon Ahlinder in Umeå, Sweden. Also collaboration with Prof. M. Bhattacharjee in India is active. The group is also involved in complex trait community.

The conservation genetics group co-operates in Brown Bear Research with Norwegian University of Life Sciences, (prof. Jon Swensson) and Bioforsk (Hans Geir Eiken, Snörre Hagen). In wolf research the group has co-operated with Russian Academy of Science (prof. Pjotr Danilov, Kostja Tirronen). On MHC variation, the group collaborates with Manchester (Lorna Kennedy; Institute of Population Health) and Royal institute of Technology, Sweden (Peter Savolainen). There is also some co-operation with Wildlife Institute of India (prof. SP Gojal) in tiger research (one joint doctoral student).

The insect genomics group is an integral member of the Barcode of Life (iBoL) project, and Dr. Mutanen acts as the national coordinator. Other important collaborators of Dr. Mutanen are Charles Godfray, Oxford Univ. Paul Hebert, University of Guelph; Peter Huemer (Austria), for insect immunology, research visits are exchanged with Sylvia Cremer (IST Austria).

The Functional Genomics group is also collaborating with other several international groups, including Prof. Jussi Taipale, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, and University of Helsinki (genome-wide sequencing); Dr. Jianmin Wu, Head of Cancer Bioinformatics in Garvan Institute, Australia (regulatory network analysis and next-generation sequencing), and Dr. Xiaobo Zhou’s lab, Harvard Medical School, Boston (functional genetics in human disease).

Last updated: 10.2.2015