Research center for psychology and educational psychology

Research center for psychology and educational psychology consists of collaborating research groups, which produce knowledge on humans in a changing world. The center is responsible for the education of psychology and educational psychology at the University of Oulu. You can find out more about the center's activities from the research groups' pages.

Research groups:


  • Professor Hanni Muukkonen
  • Professor Mirka Hintsanen
  • University researcher Seppo Laukka
  • Post-doctoral researcher Teemu Suorsa
  • University researcher Virva Siira
  • Doctoral student Egle Gedrimiene
  • Doctoral student / Planner (City of Oulu) Satu Kaleva
  • Doctoral student / Project researcher Jutta Karhu
  • Doctoral student / Project researcher Suvi Kauppi
  • Doctoral student / University teacher Heli Kiema-Junes
  • Doctoral student Jenni Kunnari
  • Doctoral student / Planner Maria Peltola
  • Doctoral student / Guidance counsellor (City of Oulu) Kirsi Raetsaari
  • Doctoral student Anni Silvola
  • Doctoral student / University teacher Minna Vastimo