Learning Research Laboratory (LearnLab)


The Learning Research Laboratory (LearnLab) was founded in the autumn of 2004, and it is a part of the Research Unit of Psychology. In addition, the laboratory is a satellite organization of Learning and Interaction Observation Forum (LeaF). The research projects of the LearnLab include applications on “Information technology” (machine vision and biomedical engineering) and “Cultural Identity and Interaction” (language, education and interaction), which are a focus area of the University of Oulu, as well as on “Research-Based Teacher Education” (Research on communication and interaction in learning and teaching), which is the focus area of the Faculty of Education. The research activity of LearnLab focuses on the relationships between learning, interaction and emotions.
Laboratory personnel
Seppo J. Laukka, Laboratory manager
Erkki Haataja, Laboratory technician
Antti Rantanen, Researcher
Antti Siipo, Laboratory technician
Mika Haapala, Student-researcher

Last updated: 10.4.2015