University of Oulu, 2016

Multi-professional collaboration supporting individuals and communities

How multi-professional collaboration takes place in a changing and digitalizing world? MIC-group focuses on preconditions for successful multi-professional collaboration in terms of personal participation, wellbeing and productivity. The research goes deep into everyday interactional practices and people’s changing participation in maintaining and changing social practices and societal conditions. We create knowledge and practices that promote quality education and decent work.

The core group consists of three post-doctoral researchers, six PhD-students, and a number of masters degree students. The researchers work in the fields of educational psychology, psychology, sociology, and knowledge management. The research group utilizes and develops further cultural-historical tradition of educational psychological practice research (Holzkamp, 1983; Roth & Jornet, 2017; Vygotsky, 1926). This approach has points of resemblance with ethnographical fieldwork and different traditions in interventionist research, and it emphasizes researching phenomena in practice, highlighting the individual, communal, and societal aspects in people's action and experience. MIC-researchers participate in different kinds of changing activities - e.g., in a school’s communal welfare group – plan and execute interventions, and gather proper data (audio, video, written accounts) on the everyday practices and participants’ experiences to be analysed further.

MIC has good connections inside Linnanmaa Campus, for instance with the research team Wellbeing and productivity in the department of Industrial engineering and management, focusing on organizational development, and with the COACT-community, focusing on Complexity of (inter)action and multimodal participation, in the field of English philology and interaction research in general. MIC is interested in developing multi-disciplinary research projects.

Research topics:

  • Practices of everyday life and work
  • Counselling
  • Professional interpersonal skills
  • Multi-professional collaboration in terms of personal participation, wellbeing and productivity
  • Cultural-historical theory and methodology

Contact: University lecturer Teemu Suorsa


Last updated: 4.2.2021