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7.8.2020 News

Funding for Robert from Emil Aaltonen foundation

Rober Kesälahti received a young researcher's grant from Emil Aaltonen Foundation for studying genetic imprinting in Pinus sylvestris

7.8.2020 News

Welcome Jaana!

Jaana Vuosku started as a post doc in FOREVER project. She brings much needed expertese in plant physiology and conifer seed development into group. Currently busy tending Scots pine babies in the growth chamber.

14.1.2020 News

FOREVER project funded

R'Life project FOREVER got funded by Academy of Finland.

14.1.2020 News

Congratulations Robert!

Robert Kesälahti received his MSc. degree and is staying with us to heading towards a PhD on gene expression patterns in pines. Well done, Robert!

14.1.2020 News

Welcome Alina!

Alina Niskanen started as a postdoc in our group 1.1.2020.

3.7.2019 News

New review publication with Sonja Kujala (Luke) and Outi Savolainen out

Really nice collaborative work with Professor Savolainen and Sonja Kujala will be part of Special Issue in Evolutionary Application on Genomics of Non-Model Forest Trees.

3.7.2019 News

How to genotype hundreds of trees in a blink of an eye?

18.4.2019 News

GenTree project videos published

The scientific work of GenTree project comes together in an interdisciplinary way to ultimately make our forests resilient. The project explained as videos

4.12.2018 News

Puiden syksy inspiroi metsägeneetikkoa

Tanja's blog post about our reseach (in Finnish)

16.8.2018 News

Tanja visiting UMN semester 2018-2019

As a part of Academy Research Fellowship, Tanja will spend the semester 2018-2019 at Yaniv Brandvain lab at University of Minnesota

16.8.2018 News

Dario heads to a new job

Dario Ojeda, my favourite post doc ever, has landed a new job at NIBIO, Norway. Congratulations NIBIO!

16.8.2018 News

A blog post by Tanja at GenTree Website

A small blog post about common garden experiments in GenTree website

16.8.2018 News

Congratulations Emmi!

Congratulations to our brand new MSc, Emmi Aikio!

23.1.2018 News

Welcome (back) Emmi Aikio and Robert Kesälahti

Emmi Aikio has returned from a well deserved maternity leave to finnish her Master's thesis on genetic variation in marginal northern Scots pine populations. Robert Kesälahti is starting his Master's Thesis to work on evolutionary aspects of Scots pine gene expression data. Robert did a great job taking care of our common garden field experiment last summer. Good to have folk with young knees aboard ;)

10.1.2018 News

H2020 project B4EST selected for funding by European Commission

A collaborative project B4EST, that our lab is part of, has been selected for funding by European Comission.

29.12.2017 News

Welcome Sandra Cervantes!

A new PhD student, Sandra Cervantes will start working in Evolutionary and Statistical Genomics January 1st 2018. Welcome Sandra!