For Exchange Students

If you are planning to go out to an exchange, please read "Outgoing student exchange" down below. If you are planning to come in to an exchange, please read "Incoming student exchange" below. For more information, please contact the Faculty Exchange Coordinator:

Contact info

Marita Puikkonen
Coordinator for Faculty of Technology Student Exchange
Incoming & Outgoing Mobility Faculty of Technology
Email Study.Technology (at)



If you want to complete part of your process or environmental engineering related studies abroad in the exotic Oulu, Finland, this is your chance!

Student mobility plays a major role in the internationalization of fields of the studies and research of process and environmental engineering. We have bilateral mobility agreements with several universities all over Europe (Erasmus+). In addition, exchanges are possible between us and universities in e.g. Asia and North and South America.

The Department of Process and Environmental Engineering (DPEE) was established 1959, so it has long and tested traditions in engineering education. As an acknowledgement for its persistent, long-term development work in teaching, the DPEE was awarded, by the Finnish Ministry of Education, the status of National Centre of Excellence in University Education for years 2004-2006, 2007-2009 and 2010-2012.

DPEE, now the Study Field of Process and Environmental Engineering, is part of the Faculty of Technology, with in total of 8 degree programmes available for the same fields of studies.


How to apply for incoming exchange?

We have two application deadlines, April 30th for the 1st term ( August/September-December), or for the next full academic year (August/September-May), and October 15th for the 2nd semester (January-May), of the forthcoming academic year. We are accepting incoming exchange applications from our partners' students (both for studies and internships) ONLY through an on-line application database SoleMOVE. Please note that the application in SoleMOVE is compulsory.

So if you want to study with us, do the next:

  1. Contact your own department, and/or International Relations of your home university, and find out whether your department/university has an Erasmus+ or bilateral exchange agreement with the University of Oulu / us.
  2. If your department/university has an exchange agreement with the University of Oulu, your home university exchange coordinator must first nominate you to the Exchange at the University of Oulu.
    More information is given by contacting us at Please note that we only accept students who have been officially nominated by their home universities. This applied both to exchange studies and internships.
  3. Remember to make sure that your home university acknowledges your exchange studies or training placement at the University of Oulu, i.e. that you will get your credits transferred to your degree studies.
  4. Once the University of Oulu has received your exchange nomination from your university, you will receive an e-mail instructing how to leave your application on-line to SoleMOVE, where you need to fill in your personal details and attach certain enclosures. Please find more info here about application procedure.
  5. Please also note that we strongly recommend you start looking for housing at the same time as you are submitting your SoleMOVE exchange application, as housing is limited.

Courses etc. available for exchange students

Accepted incoming exchange students are offered several courses in English in the above-mentioned fields of studies of process or environmental engineering. We offer both courses where the language of instruction is English, and courses where the actual language of instruction is Finnish, but where there is an alternative way of completing the course in English (for instance the course materials, simulation exercises, and/or examinations are given in English).

For the courses offered by us on the academic study year you can find a Course Catalogues in the WebOodi system of the University of Oulu - see the catalogues "Courses in English for Exchange Students, Process and Environmental Engineering" under the Faculty of Technology.  You can also contact our excange coordinator for more information on exchange / courses, see Contact info above.

Further, also Erasmus Work Placements and Master's Thesis Research Projects can be available but for those separate well-before previous negotiations are required between us, you and your university. The negotiations and the SoleMOVE application must be completed minimally two monts before the exchange period starts at the latest.



In general, all degree students of the University of Oulu can apply for a student exchange but only if those studies can be included in their UO degree. This means that they study a part of their degree in a partner university abroad. Please note that it is advisable for a foreign degree student  to discuss the possibility of going to exchange with their Student Advisor/Exchange Coordinator (Marita Puikkonen, contact info above). There are several universities to choose from - read more about them at the Faculty of Technology Outgoing Student Exchange pages.


Last updated: 5.9.2018