COSUMA – Comprehensive sulfate management in cold mining waters (2016-2020)

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Project information

Project leader:

Jaakko Rämö, Docent, Dr. (Tech.)

The ultimate goal of this Academy of Finland-funded project is to enhance the operation of sulfate containing cold mining water reclamation processes. This is achieved by sustainable comprehensive management of mining effluents via rigorous scientific analysis of the individual process stages and development of novel solutions for the identified key process characteristics.

Potential solution investigated in the project:

WP1: Resource efficient and selective metal recovery using combined hydroxide and sulfide precipitation,

WP2: Sulfate pre-concentration by novel biobased ion exchange materials, and

WP3: Utilization of low cost carbon sources in biological sulfate reduction.

The combination of the processing stages investigated in the WPs and forming a complete process scheme with advanced process design tools we will contribute to the development of a novel synergic solution for both material recovery and energy flows in the sulfate management in cold mining waters.

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Tiina Leiviskä, Docent, Dr. (Tech.)

Chemical Process Engineering, University of Oulu


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