Industrial water treatment

Biobased coagulants/flocculants and sorbents

  • Water treatment chemicals from industrial biobased by-products and waste materials. Applicable to the removal of various substances from industrial waters e.g. organic material, heavy metals, phosphate, nitrate, and sulphate.
  • Usage of biobased acids to produce metal coagulants like e.g. aluminium formate with excellent coagulation efficiency.

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) applications

  • Usage in floc separation. DAF studies have also been conducted using cationic surface modified bubbles in DAF, which can be produced by adding cationic chemical into the DAF saturator.

Concepts for mining water treatment

  • Removal of harmful components from mining waters with biobased materials.
  • Biobased materials applicable also to other industrial process and waste waters e.g. oily waste waters and pulp and paper mill waste waters.


Professor Juha Tanskanen,

Dr (Tech.) Tiina Leiviskä,

Last updated: 6.2.2014