Biobased coagulants/flocculants and sorbents

Our goal is to increase the use of biobased materials in the production of water treatment chemicals. Industrial by-products and waste materials such as wood sawdust and bark can be used as raw materials in the development of coagulants/flocculants and ion exchange resins and adsorbents. Products can be used for the removal of various substances from industrial waters e.g. organic material, heavy metals, phosphate, nitrate, and sulphate.


Biobased acids can be used in manufacturing of metal coagulants. We are studying the preparation and behaviour of aluminium formate which combines the excellent coagulation efficiency of aluminium with biobased and degradable formate anion.



Professor Juha Tanskanen,

Dr (Tech.) Tiina Leiviskä,


Last updated: 5.6.2019