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Min-Pet - Mineral products from Petrit-T sidestream

Industrial piloting of acoustic panel production using secondary raw materials

It is important that research results and inventions do not stay in academia but are eventually accepted by the industry. Therefore, industrial piloting is an important phase to test how newly-developed innovations scale up in the industrial setting.

MINPET-project, funded by EIT Raw materials, is a good example on successful upscaling. The target of the project was to develop and pilot alkali-activated material production based on Petrit-T side stream. Petrit-T is an industrial by-product from sponge iron manufacturing (Höganäs, Sweden) with little current utilization. In the MINPET-project, it was successfully used as a raw material for production of lightweight aggregates in alkali-activated slag binders, which were further used in acoustic lightweight panels.

In the piloting, 280 kg of lightweight aggregates were produced using Petrit-T, and up to 75 pieces (500×500×35 mm) of acoustic panels were manufactured by density lower than 0.75 g/cm3. The mechanical, durability, shrinkage, and acoustic properties were assessed based on submitting the service life conditions, which the panels will experience them.  The results showed the acoustic panels using secondary raw materials had acceptable properties to be used as indoor walls. One of the main novelty of this project was adopting and developing these panels by using the conventional concrete assembly line. 

“This was a great experience, and a great success - the piloting went without any major challenges and gave us much valuable information about scaling up.”, says Dr. Mohammad Mastali, MINPET-project manager from University of Oulu, Finland.

Have a look on MINPET upscaling video.

Web page for the ResearchGate project: Petrit-T.




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