Our services cover the field of physical and chemical characterization of materials as well as material processing mainly with mechanical methods. You can contact laboratory engineer Tuomas Stoor for further information.

Cellulose research group

The instrumentation of Cellulose laboratory includes e.g., microfluidizer, supermass colloider and high-pressure homogenizer for fabrication of cellulose- and micromaterials, equipment for determination of particle size and surface charge, fiber analyzers, analytical centrifuge for monitoring colloid and emulsion systems, microflotation cells, equipment for fiber sheet formation and testing, universal material tester, DMA and well-equipped chemistry labs as well as all relevant analytical techniques (e.g., FT-IR, NMR, elemental analysis), and is supported by the skilful laboratory technicians.


Inorganic binders research group

Material research of circular economy is enable by state of the art laboratory facilities, where we can manufacture and analyse for instance different kind of binding materials (geopolymers, mortars, concrete). We can measure for example the structural strength of the materials, chemical properties and microstructure (FESEM-EDS, STEM-EDX, XRD, FTIR, XRF, ICP, XPS, TG-Raman, NMR) as well as the environmental impact assessment. Furthermore we have several different types of milling, screening and classification devices for material processing.


Last updated: 27.5.2020