477415S - Materials

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  • Introduction to computational thermodynamics  (ppt, pdf)
  • Criteria for grading (pdf)
  • Assessment - autumn 2019 (pdf)
  • HSC Software (Outotec) - includes manuals of the modules (link)
  • Tutorial videos about HSC in Youtube (made by Outotec)
  • Use university feedback system to give feedback concerning this course. Alternatively, you may use the feedback form below or just send an email to the responsible teachers.
  • Feedback form 2019 (pdf)
  • Summary of feedback 2017, in Finnish (pdf)
  • Summary of feedback 2018, in Finnish (pdf)
  • Summary of feedback 2019, in Finnish (pdf)

Part I: HSC

  • Exercises (pdf)
  • Assignment and instructions on how to write a report (deadline 8.11.2019) (pdf)
  • White, Johnson & Dantzig: Chemical equilibrium in complex mixtures. The Journal of chemical physics. 28(1958)5,751-755. (pdf)
  • Jung: Overview of the applications of thermodynamic databases to steelmaking processes. CALPHAD. 34(2010)332 362. (pdf)
  • C.W.Bale, E.Bélisle, P.Chartrand, S.A.Decterov, G.Eriksson, A.E.Gheribi, K.Hack, I.-H. Jung, Y.-B.Kang, J.Melançon, A.D.Pelton, S.Petersen, C.Robelin, J.Sangster, P.Spencer & M-A.VanEnde: FactSage thermochemical software and databases, 2010–2016. CALPHAD 54(2016)35–53. (pdf)

Part II: HSC-Sim

  • Exercises (pdf)
  • Assignment (deadline 31.12.2019) (pdf)
  • Controls required in the assignment (pdf)
  • Slides of Sauli Pisilä's presentation, 22.11.2019 (pdf)


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