Name: High potential inorganic side streams (MIMEPRO)
Duration: 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2021
Contact personTimo Fabritius
Total budget: €2.43 M (UO €0.97M for 3 research units at University of Oulu)
Partners: Fortum Oyj, Metsä Fiber Oy, Valmet Oyj, Keliber Oy, Manur Oy, Stora Enso Oyj, Parma Oy, University of Oulu

There is over a million ton of inorganic waste produced annually only in Finland. In addition to wastes, different industrial inorganic residues/side streams are stored unutilized at industrial areas. The MIMEPRO project promotes the utilization and commercialization of unutilized but promising industrial inorganic waste and side streams. The main purpose of the project is to get these materials into loop, not to landfills and dumping areas anymore, and thus implementing the principle of a circular economy. MIMEPRO aims to reduce the environmental footprint and CO2 emissions of different industries, like construction, metal, energy, and pulp and paper industry, by replacing primary raw materials such as cement and ores with materials from the circular economy. The aim is to obtain new commercial products, for example, for the construction industry and to clarify the criteria for quality variation.

Last updated: 11.6.2020