The public defences of a doctoral thesis



30.11.2018 Alatarvas, Tuomas Evolution of inclusion population in calcium treated ultra-high strength steels. Novel applications of sample data treatment
23.11.2018 Kärnä, Aki Modelling of supersonic top lance and the heat-up stage of the CAS-OB process
13.6.2018 Hietava, Anne Electrical behaviour of submerged arc furnace’s charge materials
17.11.2017 Visuri, Ville-Valtteri Mathematical Modelling of Chemical Kinetics and Rate Phenomena in the AOD Process
9.6.2017 Iljana, Mikko Iron ore pellet properties under simulated blast furnace conditions. Investigation on reducibility, swelling and softening.
2.12.2016 Sulasalmi, Petri Modelling of Slag Emulsification and Slag Reduction in CAS-OB Process
11.11.2016 Haapakangas, Juho Coke properties in simulated blast furnace conditions – Investigation on hot strength, chemical reactivity and reaction mechanism
29.1.2016 Aula, Matti Optical emission from electric arc furnaces
18.12.2015 Omran, Mamdouh Microwave dephosphorisation of high phosphorus iron ores o f the Aswan refion, Egypt
13.11.2015 Kemppainen, Antti Limiting phenomena related to the use of iron ore pellets in a balst furnace
23.1.2015 Suopajärvi, Hannu Bioreducer use in blast furnace ironmaking in Finland. Techno-economic assesment and CO2 emission reduction potential
13.9.2013 Heikkinen, Eetu-Pekka On the role of computational thermodynamics in research and development of AOD and CRC processes
8.2.2013 Paananen, Timo The Effect of Minor Oxide Components on Reduction of Iron Ore Agglomerates
21.11.2008 Metsärinta, Maija-Leena Sinkkivälkkeen leijukerrospasutuksen stabiilisuus
30.9.2006 Heino, Jyrki Harjavallan suurteollisuuspuisto teollisen ekosysteemin esimerkkinä kehitettäessä hiiliteräksen ympäristömyönteisyyttä
25.9.2004 Luomala, Matti Physical modelling of metallurgical prosesses: A model study concerning blast furnace hearth, through and basic oxygen furnace
4.6.2004 Fabritius, Timo Modelling of combined blowing in steelmaking converters by physical models
10.4.1999 Hooey, P. L. Reduction and High Temperature Behaviour of Iron Ore Sinter Made From Magnetite Fines

Last updated: 9.4.2019