Process Metallurgy Research Units promotes actively to support the commercialization of its scientific research. As the result of this collaboration three spin-off companies have been established.

SFTec Oy, founded 2013, in close co-operation with the Process Metallurgy Research Unit of the University of Oulu. SFTec develops and productizes the patented innovative ModHeat drying concept, a low-cost, energy-efficient modular drying technology for the needs of the circular economy. This technology will enable the cost efficient increase of the use of wet by-products in the metallurgical industry.

Luxmet Oy was founded in 2014 based on the cross-disciplinary electric arc furnace research conducted by Process Metallurgy Research Unit. Luxmet Oy develops control system based on the analysis of light to enable more accurate process practices in metallurgical industry.

Sapotech Oy, since its creation in 2012 as a spin-off from the Process Metallurgy Research Unit of the University of Oulu, designs and delivers online monitoring solutions to the Steel & Metal Industry. We combine the superior expertise existing here in the fields of steel making, machine vision and industrial internet.



Last updated: 25.9.2019