Nordic Recycling Day VIII

26.9.2017 13:00 to 27.9.2017 17:15
Luleå University of Technology, F531

Nordic Recycling Day VIII

The day was organized by a Luleå University of Technology and a University of Oulu.


Tuesday September 26

Chairman: Professor Timo Fabritius, Oulu University
13.00 - 13.10 Welcome and Introduction Caisa Samuelsson
13.10-14.50 Recycling and utilization of dust and sludge  
  Recent trials to investigate utilization possibilities of the iron containing sludges formed in the SSAB Raahe steelworks Simo Isokääntä
  Is Complete Recycling of Blast Furnace Sludge within the Integrated Steel Plant Possible? (pdf) Anton Andersson
  Preliminary study of stainless steelmaking by-product utilization as cold-bonded agglomerates (pdf) Antti Kemppainen et al.
  ModHeat industrial dryer - Enabling technology for sludge drying in the steel industry (pdf) Virpi Leinonen
  “Characterization of washed Waelz oxide and leaching of halogens.” Suchandra Sar
14.50-15.20 coffee  

Chairman, Fredrik Engström, Luleå University of Technology

15.20 - 16.40 Coke and Slag  
  Development of alternative raw material and by-product diversity of metallurgical coke manufacture (pdf) Jyrki Heino
  Blast-furnace-slag geopolymers as catalysts and adsorbents in water treatment (pdf) Ulla Lassi
  Water purification using steelmaking slag (pdf) Jenny Olofsson
  Basicity and cooling rate influence on chromium leaching from EAF slag Ida Strandkvist
19.00 Dinner at Luleå University of Technology  


Wednesday September 27

Chairman Caisa Samuelsson, Luleå University of Technology



08.30 - 09.30 Slag contnd Caisa Samuelsson
  Hydraulic binder from industrial side-streams in Finland (pdf) Elijah Adesanya
  Mineralogical influence on water purification capacity of slag (pdf) Fredrik Engström/ Ida Strandkvist
  Blast-furnace-slag binders by one-part (“just add water”) alkali activation (pdf) Tero Luukkonen
09.30-10.00 Coffee  
10.00 - 11.50 General recycling  
  Utilization of pulp&paper sludges for metallurgical applications” Chuan Wang
  Slag foaming trials in Swerea MEFOS pilot EAF utilizing industrial and municipal waste NN
  Recycling of discarded Li-ion batteries (pdf) Jakob Kero
  Beneficiation of metals and energy in shredder residue fines (pdf) Amanda Gullberg
  Use of shredder residue as reductant in base metals production Samira Lotfian
11.50-12.00 Summary and conclusions  


CAMM, Centre of Advanced Mining and Metallurgy, at Luleå University. Presentations from research carried out within WP4, Metallurgy
Chairman, Bo Björkman


13.00 Overview of CAMM and research program within WP4, Metallurgy Bo Björkman
  Holistic modeling of processes within base metals metallurgy Pande Nishant Prasad
  Laser ablation ICP, an important analytical tool in the holistic modeling Fredrik Engström
  Alcirc, Alkali circulation in a blast furnace Lena Sundqvist/Bo Björkman
  Carbothermic reduction of chromite with an iron precursor Xianfeng Hu
15.00-15.30 Coffee  
15.30 Alternative Reducing Agents  
  Green Blast Furnace Lena Sundqvist
  Bio-agglomerates (pdf) Hesham Ahmed
  Injection of bio-carbon NN
  Biocoke (pdf) Maria Lundgren
17.10 End of the day  

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