Research Projects

Research groups are

  1. Reductants and reduction metallurgy
  2. Primary and secondary metallurgy
  3. Recycling and sustainable metallurgical processes
  4. New measurement and treatment methods in metallurgy

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Circular residue usage in the metallurgical industry


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2017-2020 Eetu-Pekka Heikkinen
Fundamentals of Formation and Properties of Metallurgical Coke


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2016-2020 Stanislav S. Gornostayev


Project info

42 months Matti Aula
Mathematics and Materials Science for Steel Production and Manufacturing


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2016-2020 Ville-Valtteri Visuri
On-line slag composition analysis for electric arc furnaces OSCANEAF

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2016-2019 Timo Fabritius
Online Blast Furnace Stack Status Monitoring


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2016-2019 Mikko Iljana
Symbiosis of metals production and nature SYMMET

Project info
2018-2020 Timo Fabritius


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