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RENEPRO is a cooperation project between Finnish and Swedish partners in Interreg Nord 2014-2020 EU-program.

Project full name: Renewable Energy Sources in Steel Plant Processes - Biomass-based Reductants, Fuels and Chemicals

Project duration: 1.8.2015-30.6.2018

Contact person: Petri Sulasalmi

Background: Metal industries and industries that base their business to the use of wood-based biomass are important for the Nordic countries. Metal production is for the most part based on the use of fossil-based energy sources, thus leading to significant CO2 emissions. Today, industries in the Nordic countries have developed to a stage where significant improvement in energy efficiency and CO2 reduction is difficult to attain. However, because of the political decision making e.g. by European Union, industrial sectors must cut their CO2 emissions drastically in the following years. At the same time the economic competitiveness of the industrial actors has to be maintained and employment and welfare in Nordic countries increase. In order to make CO2 reduction economically feasible, novel industry integration platforms should be developed.

Objective: The main objective of this research project is to demonstrate the technological, economic and environmental feasibility of the novel bioeconomy-steel industry production platform (integrated steel, bio-based reductant and chemical production) through extensive laboratory investigations, pilot-scale trials, system analyses and carbon footprint assessments.

Expected results: The expected results of RENEPRO project include e.g. assessment of optimal production technology for bioreducer production, new information about the possibility to use bioreducers as reducing agents in modern blast furnace, new gas upgrading methods for steel industry process gases to produce valuable fuels and chemicals, new approaches to combine bioeconomy, metal industry and chemical industry processes.

Project poster: English, Swedish, Finnish




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