Project work packages

Work package 1: Biomass upgrading
In this work package bioreducers will be produced using different biomass-based raw materials at different pyrolysis conditions. One important objective is to determine favorable process conditions and raw material mixtures to obtain high yield and high quality of produced bioreducers. Research will be conducted in laboratory- and pilot-scale

Work package 2: Metallurgical research
In this work package biomass-based reductants (chars), produced in WP1 are examined from the perspective of blast furnace injection and top-charging. Chemical and physical properties of bioreducers are examined with multiple methods and compared to properties of fossil-based reductants. Iron burden reduction studies are conducted to ensure that changing gas atmosphere would allow efficient oxide reduction in the BF.

Work package 3: Gas upgrading
Work package will mainly focus on finding the optimal conditions for syngas production from BF and BOF process gases. This represents the central part of the project and it will be also the most articulated in terms of experimental work, modeling and synergies.

Work package 4: System analysis
The overall objective of WP4 is to have a holistic view about the proposed integrated production platform in order to evaluate the value-in-use of biomass for steel production, fuels and chemicals. This work will be conducted on the basis of an integrated steel plant from the Nordic region. Comparisons will be made for the decentralized system in order to illustrate the possible benefits on energy saving, cost saving and CO2 emission reduction under different scenarios.

Work package 5: Carbon footprint assessment
Work package is concentrated on the evaluation of environmental benefits of the proposed system (WP4). Methodology used is carbon footprint, which takes the whole life cycle of the product into account. Attention is paid on the definition of system boundaries and bottom-up (process analysis) approach is used to calculate the carbon footprint of product (steel) when bioreducers are used as reductants and part of the process gases are used in the chemical/fuel production.

Work package 6: Dissemination of the results
Results of the project are disseminated with e.g. press, website, newspaper, conferences, journals and trade magazines.

Last updated: 21.2.2017