Doctoral studies

Funding for doctoral studies is available (DL in Aug 2015): see In particular, ADMA/Automation fits well to the profile of the Systems Engineering research group:

We organize post-graduate courses on our main fields of research, including:

  • Systems Engineering (intensive course in Oulu, 18-25 May 2015) dos T. Heikkilä
  • Predictive Functional Control (tutorial in connection with the Nordic Process Control Workshop, Oulu, 20-21 Aug 2013)
  • Model Predictive Control and State Estimation (organized in Jun 2012, GETA & GSCE)
  • ”Advanced methods of control and systems engineering” –course fits well your PhD studies, if not included in you M.Sc studies. The course is lectured yearly in Jan-March..
  • Book exams can be organized as necessary.

At the moment, we have PhD and Lic.Tech research e.g. on the following topics:

  • CFB control design for OTU boilers integrated with process design,
  • Dynamic modelling and control of the oxyfuel combustion technology,
  • Effect of raw material variations to continuous digester runability,
  • Pedagogical basis in the education of engineering students,
  • Pump schedule optimization techniques for water distribution systems.

We participate in national graduate schools GETA (Electronics, Telecommunication and Automation) and GSCE (Chemical Engineering), and in University of Oulu ADMA (Advanced Materials) and Thule (Change in the North & Sustainable communities) Doctoral Programs.

Last updated: 22.4.2015