In our research, our long-term partners include Foster Wheeler Energia and StoraEnso.

Our on-going research projects include:

  • Combination of concentrated solar power with circulating fluidized bed power plants (COMBO-CFB) [Tekes 2014-2016]
    In cooperation with VTT and Foster-Wheeler Energia.
  • CFB control design for OTU boilers integrated with process design [GSCE 2013-2016]
    In cooperation with Foster-Wheeler Energia.
  • Dynamic simulation and control of a new type of a boiler [GETA 2010-2015] Oxy
    In cooperation with Foster-Wheeler Energia.
  • Dynamic modeling and control of circulating fluidized bed combustion process [2011-]
    In cooperation with Foster-Wheeler Energia.
  • Properties of raw material in control of continuous cooking (MiHa II) [2013-2014]
    In cooperation with StoraEnso.
  • Optimization of pump scheduling using dynamic probablistic methods (OPUS) [Academy of Finland 2011-2014] OPUS
    In cooperation with HDS (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
  • District Heating Network Optimization (DINO) [2013-2014]
    In cooperation with Kemin Energia.
  • Control and state estimation of uncertain and nonlinear processes (FICO and GDT)
    In cooperation with ENSIACET/Toulouse.
  • Engineering Pedagogics[SYTE]
    As a part of the Dept development work.

Selected past projects:  

  • Continuous digester runability (MiHa) [EffFibre/Tekes 2010-2012]
  • Novel methods for control of biomass (NOCOBI) [Academy of Finland 2009 - 2012]
  • Mittaavan käynnissäpidon kehittämishanke 3 (KUPI 3) [EAKR 2009-2012].
  • Neutrality in evolutionary optimization (PhD 2007-2009)
  • Embedded control and monitoring systems in production machine networks (EMPRONET) [Academy of Finland 2005-2008]
  • Diagnostics of continous cooking [Academy of Finland 2003-2006]
  • Modeling and control of nonlinear processes: linear dynamics and non-parametric methods [Academy of Finland 2000-2005]

Last updated: 1.8.2014