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17.2.2020 News

Relate has ended

After operating for the scheduled six years (2014-2019), RELATE CoE has ended at the end of 2019. The website will be updated accordingly soon. We thank all who have been involved.

31.10.2019 News

Outi Kulusjärvi's PhD thesis defence

Relate researcher Outi Kulusjärvi defended her PhD thesis succesfully on October 12 in Oulu.

11.10.2019 News

Fredriika Jakola's PhD defence

Relate researcher Fredriika Jakola defended her PhD thesis succesfully on October 5 in Oulu.

31.8.2018 News

Satu Kivelä's PhD defence

Relate researcher Satu Kivelä defended her PhD thesis succesfully on August 24 in Oulu.

13.6.2018 News

Katharina Koch's PhD thesis defence

Relate researcher Katharina Koch defended her PhD thesis succesfully on June 6 in Oulu.

4.1.2017 News

Researchers for the RELATE 2nd leg selected

After a call for positions, the following researchers have been selected as post docs/doctoral students for the Relate teams in Oulu, Tampere and Helsinki: Roger Norum (Post doc, Oulu)

30.11.2016 News

New Relate PhD

Juha Kalaoja defended his PhD -thesis succesfully on November 25 at the University of Oulu. Juha has been working as a Relate PhD -student.

5.10.2016 News

New Relate post docs

RELATE has James Riding, Sara Koopman, Robert Imre and Simo Sarkki appointed as RELATE postdocs for the rest of this year.

5.10.2016 News

Academy of Finland has granted Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto-Arponen two years Key project funding

Project is titled: "Transcultural roadmap for supporting belonging among
unaccompanied children and young people (TRUST)", and the description is as follows:

29.4.2016 News

Relate report 2014-2016

Relate report that summarizes the main activities of the CoE for year 2014, 2015 and early 2016 (Jan-April) has been just released.

15.6.2015 News

Joni Vainikka's PhD thesis defence

Joni Vainikka, who has worked as a RELATE doctoral student, defences his PhD thesis on Wednesday the 17th of June at 12 noon at the Hall GO101 at the University of Oulu.

4.6.2015 News


RELATE doctoral student Heikki Sirviö defended his PhD thesis: "State transformation and the northern dimension of satire.

16.12.2014 News

Relate events 2015

We have been making a rough list/caledar for all the Relate-related events in 2015.

28.11.2014 News

Media event in Oulu

Media event in Oulu

3.6.2014 News

PhD Juho Luukkonen rewarded with the 2014 Planning Thought Award

The Evolution of Planning Thought project organized an international Planning Thought Award competition to recruit early career planning scholars to contribute to the Evolution of Planning Thought

13.5.2014 News

Best scientific paper in urban studies in Finnish 2013 made by RELATE researcher Inka Kaakinen (news in Finnish only)

Julkijuominen, julkisten tilojen sääntely ja Karhupuiston käytöskukat vuoden 2013 paras kaupunkikirjoitus