The RELATE Center of Excellence  brings together human geographers from the Universities of Oulu, Tampere and Helsinki to study theoretical and empirical themes related to contemporary bordering practices and forms of political agency.

All research themes involve high calibre international resource persons (RPs) that strengthen the CoE’s international orientation and co-operation. The resource persons are:

Professor Derek Gregory

Professor Andrew E.G. Jonas

Professor Martin Jones

Professor Virginie Mamadouh

Professor Katharyne Mitchell

Professor Alison Mountz

Professor David Newman

Professor Maano Ramutsindela

Professor Julian Reid

Professor James D. Sidaway

Professor Lynn Staeheli

Professor Dallen Timothy


The Research Councils at the Academy of Finland nominate a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to the Centres of Excellence in their field of research. The purpose of the Board is to advise, support, strengthen and monitor the scientific work of the CoE and the implementation of its research plan. The members of the RELATE SAB are:

Professor Pauline von Bonsdorff

Director Sinikka Eskelinen

Professor Pertti Haapala

Science Adviser Riitta Launonen

Professor Alexander B. Murphy

Professor Doris Wastl-Walter

Project services manager Hanna Honkamäkilä



Last updated: 5.1.2017