Past meetings and seminars

Besides more informal meetings, RELATE has so far organized following meetings/events:

1. RELATE Spring kick off. April 2nd- 3rd 2014

The first RELATE kick off meeting was held on April 2nd and 3rd, and had 23 participants. The purpose of the kick off meeting was to get to know each other better and to discuss about our research in RELATE CoE in constructive and rather informal way. Besides sessions of all four groups, the background of RELATE was discussed and each team leader presented their teams. The event was organized at Lasaretti, Oulu.

2. Relating People in Place. May 7th 2014

This SPARG/RELATE research seminar provided an open venue for discussing the new perspectives in understanding political subjectivity, subject formation, and intersubjectivity, inviting both theoretical perspectives and empirical insights that help us to better understand what kinds of political potentials, constrains, ruptures, continuities and subjects follow from different relations between people(s) and place(s). The seminar included two visiting lectures by Steve Pile (Open University) and Tim Edensor (Manchester Metropolitan University), followed by reflections from discussants. The seminar was organized in Tampere.

3. Border Struggles: Ontologies, Epistemologies and Practices. May 26th 2014

An interdisciplinary Workshop “Border Struggles: Ontologies, Epistemologies and Practices”, subtitled: “Challenging the humanitarian-military  border in the Mediterranean”  was organized in Oulu 26th of May as a Skype workhop, participants included Martina Tazzioli (University of Oulu) Paolo Cuttitta (University of Amsterdam) Glenda Garelli (University of Illinois, Chicago) Lorenzo Pezzani (Goldsmiths College, London) Alessandra Sciurba (University of Palermo, Italy).

4. RELATE kick off and scientific advisory board meeting. September 3rd-5th 2014

The major Kick off meeting was held on September 3rd-5th and had 43 participants. All RELATE researchers, team leaders, Resource persons and Scientific advisory board members were invited. Each team had over two hour time slot to have the Resource Persons’ presentations and researchers’ presentations as well as discussion/comments on presentations. In addition, parallel workshops for each theme were organized. At the end of the event some future events were planned. The Scientific advisory board meeting took place immediately after the kick off, on the afternoon of the 5th

5. Border Struggles: Epistemologies, Politics, and Practices. September 11th-12th 2014

This workshop was organized in Oulu, with speakers: Mat Coleman, Nicholas De Genova, Juanita Sundberg, William Walters, Oliver Belcher, Lauren Martin, Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola, Elisa Pascucci and Martina Tazzioli. The primary motivation of this workshop was to rethink the concept of “borders” and “bordering” from an empirical and theoretical-epistemological point of view. Borders have been a contested object of research in the past two decades, approached from a variety of perspectives and case-studies. This workshop investigated “border struggles” and bordering mechanisms that are productive of contemporary border formations, particularly processes of differential exclusion and subject formation.

6. Youthful citizenship: institutional settings, mundane processes. September 18th 2014

This multi-disciplinary workshop was organized by the Space and Political Agency Research Group (SPARG) and RELATE in collaboration with the Tampere Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research (PERLA). With Bronwyn Wood from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand/Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo as an international quest, this multi-disciplinary research workshop was open to all scholars interested in the theme workshop concentrates on citizenship learning in the various institutional settings where children and young people’s lives are embedded (municipality, school, kindergarten, social welfare, health care, church, hobbies, youth clubs, etc.). Rather than rights and practices, citizenship was approached primarily as a set of mundane processes that take variable forms and may be performed as diverse acts, depending on the context and the people involved.

7. Relate-session at the geographers' meeting. October 30th-31st 2014

Much of the RELATE staff participated the annual Finnish geographers’ meeting, held in Oulu 30.-31.10.2014. The researcher participated in various sessions, and a special “round table” discussion was organized only for the RELATE staff. There, the overall aims and the ways to increase cross fertilization between the four themes was discussed in particular.

8. Border enforcement and humanitarianism in North Africa. February 18th 2015

This RELATE workshop hosted Dr. Michael Collyer from the University of Sussex, beginning with his visiting lecture and continuing with Q&A session and discussion. Moving from recent debates on the so-called “humanitarian turn” in border management in the Mediterranean region, and based on his current research in Morocco and Sudan, Dr. Collyer’s lecture focused on the legal, political, and social consequences of humanitarian bordering policies along the externalized Southern European frontier. The workshop took place at the University of Tampere.

9. Borders and Border Crossings. May 21st 2015.

This workshop discussed first the phenomenon of corruption in the perspective of border and second on historical and political determinants of thinking about borderlands Dr. Bartosz Czepil Dr. Wojciech Opioła. After the presentations by three RELATE doctoral students and a discussion that followed, Dr. Reece Jones had a closing keynote presentation titled: Border Militarization and Violence.

Last updated: 4.6.2015