Researchers for the RELATE 2nd leg selected

After a call for positions, the following researchers have been selected as post docs/doctoral students for the Relate teams in Oulu, Tampere and Helsinki:

Roger Norum (Post doc, Oulu)

Gitte du Plessis (Post doc, Oulu)

Joni Vainikka (Post doc, Oulu)

Hidefumi Nishiyama (Post Doc, Oulu)

Elisabetta Nadalutti (Post Doc, Oulu)

Kaj Zimmerbauer (Post doc/coordinator, Oulu)

Katharina Koch (Doctoral student, Oulu)

Alix Varnajot (Doctoral Student, Oulu)

James Riding (Post doc, Tampere)

Mikko Joronen (Post doc, Tampere)

Derek Ruez (Post Doc, Tampere)

Christopher Lizotte (Post doc, Helsinki)

Juho Luukkonen (Post doc, Helsinki)

Salla Jokela (Post doc, Helsinki)



Last updated: 9.1.2017