Publications 2018

Publications 2018

Peer reviewed scientific publications

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Non revieved scientific publications

Häkli, J. & Kallio, K.P. (2018) Ketterä kaupunkiseutu ja demokratian dilemma. Tiede & edistys, 2018/2, 78–82.

Jokela, S. E. & Lilius, J., 2018, Developing suburban shopping centers in tune with local needs and city branding efforts. In Joutsiniemi, A., Linkola, H., Puttonen, M., Swan, K. & Vaattovaara, M. (eds.). Confused suburban identities: A case study of Helsinki Region. Helsinki: Urban Studies and Planning / Master's Programme of Urban Academy in Helsinki, s. 138-140.

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Vainikka, V., & Vainikka, J. (2018). Welcoming the masses, entitling the stranger–commentary to Gill. Fennia-International Journal of Geography196(1), 124-130.

Scientific books

Moisio, S. (2018). Geopolitics of the knowledge-based economy. London: Routledge. 224 pages.

Paasi, A., Harrison, J. and Jones, M. (editors) (2018). Handbook on the Changing Geographies of Regions and Territories. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Saarinen, J., Rogerson, C. & C.M. Hall (Eds)(2018), Tourism Planning and Development: Contemporary Cases and Emerging Issues. London, Routledge.

Publications aimed at wider audiences

Luukkonen, J. 2018. Asiantuntijat kaupunkipolitiikan portinvartijoina. 5 March.


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