Dean and Steering Group


The Rector appoints the Dean after hearing the Faculty Council.

The Dean prepares the selection of the Vice-Deans for Research and Education after hearing the Faculty Council. The Rector appoints the Vice-Dean on Dean's proposal.

The Rector can dismiss the Dean or the Vice-Dean if there is an acceptable and justifiable reason for it considering the nature of the job.


The role of the Dean

The role of the Dean is to

  1. lead the strategic planning and operation of the Faculty;
  2. answer for the finances and the profitability of the operations of the Faculty to the Rector of the University;
  3. be responsible for the resources of the Faculty;
  4. approve the operating and financial plans of the Faculty and its departments;
  5. award certificates of the degrees and non-degree studies completed in the Faculty and
  6. make decisions on faculty-related matters that have not been assigned to any other organ.

According to these guiding principles the Dean can transfer a matter under his power of decision to be solved by another organ or person.

Dean Jouni Pursiainen


Steering Group


Matters under Dean's power of decision are prepared in the Steering Group which consists of Deans, Heads of Departments, Chief Administrators and Chief Academic Officers. At the Departments the Steering Groups of the Departments are in charge of the preparations.


Members of the Steering Group

Dean Jouni Pursiainen, chairman

Prof. Jari Oksanen, Vice-Dean for Research (tel.  0294 481526)

Prof. Petri Pulli, Vice-Dean for Education (tel. 0294 481893)

Prof. Kalervo Hiltunen, Department of Biochemistry (tel. 0294 481150)

Prof. Seppo Saarela, Department of Biology (tel. 0294 481238)

Prof. Matti Weckström, Department of Physics (tel. 0294 481125)

Prof. Juha-Pekka Lunkka, Department of Geology (tel. 0294 481434)

Prof. Risto Laitinen, Department of Chemistry (tel. 0294 481611)

Prof. Jarmo Rusanen, Department of Geography (tel. 0294 481707)

Prof. Lasse Holmström, Department of Mathematics (tel. 0294 481739)

Prof. Markku Oivo, Department of Information Technology (tel. 0294 481988)


Chief Administrator Tiina Pääkkönen

Chief Academic Officer Heikki Kuoppala

Financial Controller Juha Waulu


The Vice-Heads of Departments substitute the Heads of Departments in the Steering Group.


Last updated: 31.5.2013