Acting Dean is Maarit Järvenpää.

The Rector appoints the Dean after hearing the Faculty Council.

The role of the Dean is to lead the strategic planning and operation of the Faculty and answer for the finances and the profitability of the operations of the Faculty. The Dean is responsible for the resources of the Faculty and approves the operating and financial plans of the Faculty and its departments.The Dean award certificates of the degrees and non-degree studies completed in the Faculty and makes decisions on faculty-related matters that have not been assigned to any other organ.


Steering Group

Matters under Dean's power of decision are prepared in the Steering Group which consists of Deans, Heads of Departments, Chief Administrators and Chief Academic Officers. At the Departments the Steering Groups of the Departments are in charge of the preparations.


Education Committee 

The task of the Education Committee is to prepare the programme of measures for education and the curricula, and to evaluate the quality of the education operations. The Vice Dean for Education is the head of the Education Committee of the faculty. The Education Committee may also have other duties delegated by the Faculty Board or the dean.

Members of the Research Committee
 Saana-Maija Huttula, Vice Dean of Education, Head of the Committee
Prof. Jan Hjort (Geography)
University Lecturer Pekka Salmi (Mathematics)
University Lecturer Seppo Alanko (Physics)
University Lecturer Annamari Markkola (Biology)
Lead Expert, Academic Affairs Katri Suorsa (secretary)
Student Veera Hiltunen
Student Ina Hourula


Head of Administration

The head of administration of the Faculty of Science is Tiina Pääkkönen.

The head of administration takes care of the finances and personnel issues as well salaries and collective agreements. The head of administration acts as the presenter of financial and personnel issues in decisions made by the Dean and the Faculty Board.

The head of administration takes part in various internal committees as well as committees of the cooperation organizations of the University, and is responsible for passing up-to-date information to the Faculty. The head of administration is e.g. a member of the guidance team of the personnel administration.


Members of the Faculty Board

Member Personal Vice-member
Dean, Professor Maarit Järvenpää  
Professor Marko Huttula Dean of Education, professor Matti Alatalo
Professor Jari Oksanen Professor Mikko Sillanpää
Professor Jarmo Rusanen Professor Jarkko Saarinen


Personnel, other than professors
Member Vice-members
Senior Research Fellow Laura Kvist 1. Lecturer Pekka Salmi
Academy Researcher Ville-Veikko Telkki 2. Educational Planner Katri Suorsa
Laboratory Engineer Mika E. Virtanen 3. Project Planner Reima Rönkkö


External members
Physicist Esko Herrala
Vice-principal Pasi Konttinen
Professor Katri Kärkkäinen


Member Personal Vice-members
Juha Oksanen Rosa-Maria Haapala
Anniina Pyhäjärvi Eva Taivalsaari
Inkeri Sairanen  


Lead Expert, Academic Affairs

Lead Expert, Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Science is Katri Suorsa.

The Lead Expert co-ordinates curriculum planning and is the secretary of the Education Committee. She also acts as the presenter in the decisions regarding education, teaching and degrees. The decisions are made by the Dean and the Faculty Commission. The Lead Expert is the person in charge of the student admissions of the Faculty. Also co-operation with other departments and acting as the students' legal protection expert is part of the work.

Last updated: 12.1.2018