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Need help?

Future Factory -team is ready to help you!

If you have questions, please come and talk with us. You will find us on the campuses wearing white Future Factory vests. Part of our team is constantly on call at Tellus Innovation Arena  (Linnanmaa Campus) on Friday. In case you did not find a group with whom to work or your team members are missing, please come and talk with our staff at Tellus. You may also contact us online and ask help via direct messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

Tellus staff serves fresh ideas, popcorn and cotton candy

We know it can be sometimes difficult to find the right perspective and come up with good and innovative ideas. Likewise it can be sometimes difficult to express your ideas in a way that others would understand and be captivated by your presentation. The best solution to any problem is to talk about it with someone. It will guaranteed broaden your perspective and give you new ideas on how to solve the problem at hands. This is why Tellus Innovation Arena staff dressed in white "Tellus" t-shirts is there for you during Future Factory challenge competition. They are happy to talk with you, offer feedback and help you polish up your presentation into one that will stand out in the competition. Not only does the Tellus staff offer you feedback and advise, they will also serve you popcorn and cotton candy to boost your brain power.

Tellus will help you throughout your studies

Tellus Innovation Arena is a meeting point and a creative hub for the entire university community. Tellus helps you develop your skills and mindset. It provides you an easy way to expand your network as one of its main goal is to bring together people who would not necessarily ever meet otherwise. We believe that when people with versatile skills and talents come together and share values and joint visions, great things can happen and something new  - big or small – will be created. Tellus is a place for interpreting the existing world and creating a newer, better world we all want to live in. This is why our aim is to provide you with surprising encounters that may help you forward with your studies, career, and life itself.

Tellus offers spaces for learning, collaboration and relaxation. You can also take part in various events that are organized at Tellus daily. They range from international cultural events to entrepreneurial activities. You can even organize your own events at Tellus. Join Tellus activities already in the beginning of your studies as they offer a great way for you to gain all needed contacts, skills, and attitude which will help you create a bright future. How about participating in the Festival of Cultures on Oct 3rd 2018 where you can get to know all the different cultures that are gathered under one roof? Also, don't miss the Business Kitchen Season Opening on Sep 11th - it can offer a great kickstart for your career! 

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Last updated: 7.9.2018