Goals for Outputs

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Preconditions for the output

Your group's presentation can be anything you can think of, as long as it demonstrates your idea clearly and efficiently. It can be for example a video, a performance, a poster, a slideshow - only sky is the limit! There’s only one rule: the finished product must be in electronic form so that it can be uploaded and shared on Padlet. You can make the presentation either in English or in Finnish.

You can find links on the Padlet-walls and instructions on how to use them HERE.

When making the presentation, you can use your own applications and software freely. The University also provides you with some tools and applications for working. Click HERE to read more.


In your output, you should clearly present:

  1. Your group’s name and group members’ names.

  2. The given focus area of the university and the goal of UN's Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030 and the possible theme of the degree programme.

  3. Your own challenge in one clause.

  4. And the most important: Your solution to the challenge.

We highly recommend you to keep your output short and sweet. That way you are able to to look through all the presentations on time when the voting begins. Here are some examples of the desired size of your output:

  • Slideshows: five slides MAX.

  • Text: one page MAX.

  • Video: two minutes MAX.

Remember that the clearer your output is the more obvius it is for your group to raise one of the favourites, gather votes and win one of the prizes!


Guidelines for evaluation

Next week, from 11th to 14th of September, students will evaluate other teams' work and vote for the best. Here we have gathered for you some tips on what to look into when deciding who you are going to vote. You can focus on the idea itself and/or the presentation - it's up to you to decide what you want to focus on.

You can look into these guidelines for evaluation when preparing your own presentation and evaluating other presentations. When evaluating other teams' work, you can give weight to different qualities of the idea and output with your own consideration.


  1. Is the idea..

    • Innovative, creative, surprising?

    • Realisable, practicable?

    • Sustainable economically and ecologically?

  2. Is the presentation..

    • Short and compact?

    • Clear and understandable?

    • Creative and original?

    • Good quality?

    • Made with the help of technology?



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Last updated: 7.9.2018