Congrats, you made it to the University of Oulu! What next?

The beginning of new university studies marks a significant change in one's life and it brings with it lots of new opportunities. To help you envision your future, UniOulu Self-Hack is organized for every new student as part of the orientation week on Friday 4.9. 10am-15pm. The event aims to support our new students with their life and study planning, attaching to our university and their degree program as well as creating a well-balanced student life for themselves.

During the event students work in small groups within their own degree programs. Every group has a own facilitator, who has been trained to help with the process during the event.

We start the Self-Hack day on Friday 4.9. at 10am sharp by gathering students to lecture halls and Tellus spaces. Here we give a general info about the event and divide the groups to the facilitators. Every group leaves the space with their own facilitator, who takes them to the working space.


Starting points for international degree programs: (these are for the international master's program only, others can be found from here

Oulu Business School (international master's programs) L7

Faculty of Technology  (international master's programs) Tellus Stage Linnanmaa

Faculty of Education (Note! Including Intercultural Teacher Education program) Tellus Stage Linnanmaa

Faculty of Science (international master's programs) Tellus Stage Linnanmaa

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (international master's programs, also including International Master's Programme in Biomedical Engineering) Backstage Tellus Linnanmaa

Faculty of Medicine (international master's programs) Tellus Kontinkangas Medicine Campus

Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (international master's programs) Tellus Kontinkangas Medicine Campus


Participating in the event

This is how you participate.