As a facilitator

What facilitators do and what are the requirements?

UniOulu Self-Hack is a one-day-workshop where students work in a small groups. Every group needs the support of a facilitator who themselves has participated in Self-Hack and Self-Hack facilitator training and therefore knows the principles of the method.

The most important task of a facilitator is to support and help their group when working on the materials. What is very essential is also to create safe and fun environment for working and teambuilding. Don't worry if you don't have any earlier experience on fasilitating, as what matters the most is that you are motivated and eager to help new students during the event and that you also are committed to participate in the trainings. It is absolutely crucial that you commit and take responsibility as your role in being a facilitator.

Facilitator is not a teacher and not really a counselor either. Facilitator is the one who creates the space and atmosphere for working - a person who supports individuals and the group and makes sure they are proceeding with their materials. Facilitator is the one who takes care that the group has a nice space to work on and that you stay on the schedule - as a facilitator you are taking care that the group has everything in order them to succeed and reach their goal. The goal of UniOulu Self-Hack is that at the end of the day every student who participates would have a few goals and a plan for the near future written down on paper including the promise they are making to reach their goals.

What's also important to note is that during Self-Hack students' are focusing on their own lifes and their own wishes and goals so no one else can be the expert of their lives but themselves. This means that you are not meant to give straight answers or instructions on what anyone should do with their lives but rather ask a lot of questions, be curious and give a helping hand when someone is in a very need of it

To become a facilitator you need to do the following: 

Register to become a facilitator here

1. Participate in Self-Hack at Tellus Linnanmaa either 20.8. 8am-16pm OR 23.8. 8am-16pm OR at Tellus Kontinkangas (medical campus) 31.8. 9am-16pm (Saturday)

By participating in Self-Hack you get to explore your own life, goals, wishes and values at the same time getting to know the Self-Hack concept. During Self-Hack we work with the material individually and with others with the help of a facilitator. You can participate in Self-Hack either in August on one chosen date depending on your own schedules.

2. Participate in Self-Hack facilitator training at Tellus Linnanmaa either 27.8. 8am-16pm OR 30.8. 8am-16pm OR Tellus Kontinkangas (medical campus) 1.9. 10am-15pm (Sunday)

We arrange the Self-Hack facilitator trainings in May and August, where you get a training to become a facilitator. You get to know the principles behind the method and learn about facilitating.

3. Participate in the orientation week's Self-Hack day on Friday 6.9. 8am-16pm.

During the day you will facilitate and support a student group on their work with the materials.

You can also borrow the following book from Pegasus library to get some prepping on the basics of life design; Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life; Burnett, William, Evans, David J. (2016).

As a facilitator, besides the new students themselves, you are the most important person of the day. Without your support the group would be on their own for the whole day and we don't want that. So be curious and join us for facilitating!

Last updated: 1.8.2019