Self-Hack as part of Entrepreneurship Minor

We know that besides helping and making other people happy it's also sometimes nice to get some good ol' credits for your work. Self-Hack and participating as a facilitator can be a part of 724815P Entrepreneurial Assignment-course, which is a course included in Entrepreneurship Minor. More information about the Entrepreneurship Minor:

If your degree structure gives you some freedom of choosing optional courses this might be a very good one. You can also study the whole Entrepreneurship Minor in which case by completing the Entrepreneurial Assignment-course you would already have one course ready.

If you are unsure whether or not you can integrate the course in your degree please contact the coordinator of your study program. 

You can participate in the course by registering here after which you will later get more defined instructions.

724815P Entrepreneurial Assignment (5ECTS):

Language of instruction: Finnish and English, the essay is required in English

Grading: The course utilizes verbal grading scale “pass/fail”.

Learning outcomes:

Having completed the course the student will be able to

  • Upon completion of the course the students are familiarized with entrepreneurial activity in society and possess skills that help to solve entrepreneurial problems and make change. Students will have an insight into the diversity of entrepreneurship and gain understanding of the specific aspects of entrepreneurship.
  • facilitate the method of Self-Hack and understand the principles behind it.
  • understand and follow through the process of design thinking and also apply it when planning their own life.
  • adopt the required skills and knowledge of working as a Self-Hack facilitator and being able to enact them during the Self-Hack day.
  • write an reflective academic essay based on the given material and their own experience of the method and facilitating.


The core content of the course (the trainings and facilitating on Self-Hack day 27h, individual work approximately 110h):

1. Participation in Self-Hack at Tellus Linnanmaa either 7.5. 8am-16pm OR 14.5. 8am-16pm OR 20.8. 8am-16pm OR 23.8. 8am-16pm OR Tellus Kontinkangas (medical campus) 9am-16pm (Saturday)

By participating in Self-Hack you get to explore your own life, goals, wishes and values while at the same time getting to know the Self-Hack concept. During Self-Hack we work with the material individually and with others with the help of a facilitator. You can participate in Self-Hack either in May or in August depending on your own schedules. Before Self-Hack you need to do short orientation exercise, we will send the instructions for those registered.

2. Participation in Self-Hack facilitator training at Tellus Linnanmaa either 24.5. 8am-16pm OR 27.8. 8am-16pm OR 30.8. 8am-16pm OR Tellus Kontinkangas (medical campus) 1.9. 10am-15pm (Sunday)

We arrange the Self-Hack facilitator trainings in May and August, where you get a training to become a facilitator. You get to know the principles behind the method and learn about facilitating. After the training you are officially a Self-Hack fasilitator and will receive a sertificate for this.

3. Participation in the orientation week's Self-Hack day on Friday 6.9. 8am-16pm.

During the day you will facilitate and support a student group on their work with the materials.

4. Read and familiarize with the course material, which is a selection of relevant academic and professional literature. Student should be able to apply the theories of entrepreneurship to what they have experienced and learned. Writing a reflective academic essay based on these and the experiences.

Material bank related to entrepreneurship will be given. Based on the given material and own experience student has to write an reflective essay. Spesific instructions for the essay later on.

Target group: Students from every faculty from 2nd year onwards.

Grading: Pass / fail. The course requirements include active participation in trainings and during the Self-Hack day and completion of home assignments: getting familiar with the given material and completing the essay.

More info about the course: 

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