Self-Hack as part of Entrepreneurship Minor

We know that besides helping and making other people happy it's also sometimes nice to get credits for your work. Self-Hack and participating as a facilitator  are a part of 724815P Entrepreneurial Assignment-course, which is a course included in Entrepreneurship Minor. More information about the Entrepreneurship Minor:

If your degree structure gives you some freedom of choosing optional courses this might be a very good one. You can also study the whole Entrepreneurship Minor in which case by completing the Entrepreneurial Assignment-course you would already have one course ready.

If you are unsure whether or not you can include the course in your degree please contact the coordinator of your study program. 

You can participate in the course by registering here after which you will later get more defined instructions.

Completing the course requires you to participate in the trainings, in Self-Hack event & reading material related to entrepreneurship. Based on these one has to write a reflective essay. 

Last updated: 5.2.2020