More info about the Self-Hack and the Creativity Squads behind it.

Self-Hack is a one day life design workshop that aims to support individuals with planning a meaningful life for themselves. Self-Hack is created by Tampere based npo Creativity Squads whom with our event is oranized in cooperation. 

In practice Self-Hack is implemented through different exercises gathered in a physical playbook. With the Self-Hack material one can reflect their lives and look into them more objectively. Exercises focus on topics such as one's strengths, wishes and life history which help individual to set meaningful goals. 

Examples of exercises:


Self-Hack day and the exercises follow the principles of design thinking. Usually design thinking is used when developing customer oriented products and services. The different phases of design thinking are empathize, define, ideate, test & prototype. In Self-Hack one applies the design thinking to their own life. 

Every Self-Hack is led by a facilitator who is familiar with the material & the process. In UniOulu Self-Hack facilitators are students of our university who have joined the role by voluntarily. 

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Creativity Squads

The people behind Self-Hack.