More info about the Self-Hack and the Creativity Squads behind it.

Self-Hack is a life designing tool created by Creativity Squads, a NGO from Tampere. The method is based on knowing oneself, and realizing the dreams and goals one has. After becoming familiar with oneself and what does an individual want to achieve in life, it is easy to form concrete ways of achieving ones goals. This way, the plans will lead to a fulfilling and meaningful life. 

The method is partly based on Designing your Life concept created in the university of Stanford. Usually Self-Hack lasts for 1,5 days but for University of Oulu's orientation event the concept has been modified a bit so that you will go through the method in one day.

UniOulu Self-Hack is designed for the new students so that it makes it easier to plan studies and see meaningful and possible futures ahead after graduation. Self-Hack will also give new students a possibility to get as much possible out of student life.

We arrange the UniOulu Self-Hack in cooperation with Creativity Squads.

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