The overall purpose of SHARP group is to advance the theoretical understanding and managerial knowledge in the area of business services. Research group studies business services with understanding of the service networks and variety of roles of different actors in the value creation with the customer. Through our research, we aim create such knowledge that will enable firms to develop their service business in accordance with sustainability and responsibility that are required to fully operate in a customer focused way.

In service business, we recognize two inter-related research aspects; service marketing and service management. To develop expertise in these enables the creation of service innovations and design future service businesses. In terms of services marketing, our theoretical focus is on service business relationships, customer perceived value, service network orchestration, and service branding. The aspect of service management is particularly examined from the service modularity and business model perspectives. In studying service business we study both service firms and transformation of product-based business logics towards services. The empirical contexts studied include e.g. knowledge intensive business services, technology-based services and health and wellbeing services.

Last updated: 11.2.2014